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History Assignment Name Institution 1. a. Political socialisation is the process with which people learn attitudes and values so as to fit into political life (KRITSER, 2002). As such, there are certain factors that propagate political socialisation which can in turn also affect partisanship…
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Problem Set
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Download file to see previous pages This is also true in the case of couples. However, studies show that it is more likely for a woman to follow the partisanship of the husband as compared to the contrary scenario. Genetics can also play a vital role in partisanship. Genetics is vital in the political socialisation of an individual. This is sourced from the fact that there is a predisposition to incline towards certain issues in the society. The perception of peer groups can affect political socialisation. This then, in turn, affects partisanship of the individual. However, the effect of these groups is thought to be of lesser power as compared to parents. b. Bipartisanship has always characterised the agenda of presidential elections. Each one of them endeavours to increase bipartisan interactions with the opposition. However, this is rarely an easy undertaking. This stems from the presence of barriers within the political system. The political system, in place, has resulted in the presence of Congress members who have little institutional knowledge. As such, their reconvened notions are always to counter the arguments of the opposing party. Insider knowledge is vital in the performance of congress members. This is exemplified by the relative bipartisanship evident in a significant number of politically older Congress members. Aside from this source of partisanship, there exists a crucial element that is responsible for partisanship. The political system is responsible for instituting reforms that limit the amount of campaign donations from a single source. This necessitates the campaign to search for funding from several sources. These subsequent interactions by the donors results in political socialisation. As such, when in Congress, these ideologies are in most cases different from those propagated by the rival party. 2. a. In such a situation, the Democrats would be campaigning for the bill. This is probable since they operate under the premise that the benefit of the general public should be of the core concern. All through the entirety of the House sessions and political stance of the current administration, this has always been their unspoken mantra. This is best exemplified by their stance on the AIG situation. The Democrats were against the hefty package payout to the giant insurance firm. The Republicans are most likely to be against the bill. In line with their stance on the bailout, it can be assumed that they will be catering the upper class citizens, especially the millionaires. As such, they will put up convincing arguments to justify their stance. Arguments might be in the form of the bill being in detriment to the country as it scares investors. At this juncture, the passage of the bill is a demanding affair. b. In a country with a parliamentary system, the complexities mentioned above are almost non-existent. This stems, in part, from the fact that partisanship is not significantly entrenched in the American system. In a parliamentary system, the opposition does not endeavour to solely reject the policies proposed by the government. As such, once an appropriate higher number of members accept the bill, it moves to the head of state (MAISEL, 2007). 3. A nation is defined as a group of people unified by their nationality or ethnic background. A distinguishing factor is that nations are not associated with any geography. On the other hand, a state is an independent country: sovereignty. It is geographical location that is governed by a sovereign government. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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