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Subject 05 December 2012 Confucius: The Founder of a Profound Philosophy China is a country that has been nourished under a very interesting history since the prehistoric times? The history points to the fact that several kings and dynasties have ruled the country?…
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Download file to see previous pages One such prominent leader was K’ung-fu-tzu ( Great Master Kong)? and to the world he is better known by his Latinized name? Confucius? Confucius? born in BC 551 in the Lu Province? was one of the greatest philosophers witnessed by the world and in particular China? He was also a teacher as well as a political theorist who founded his own system based on his thinking and philosophies? He is often paralleled with the Greek philosopher Socrates so it becomes clear how important and significant his teachings are? He was born a descendant of the Shang Dynasty and was also a member of the ruling clan? Shih? However his family was not one that had a lot of wealth under its name? His father was a petty official whose marriage did not end very well as he divorced his wife for bearing him only three daughters and a son who was disfigured? The father than married a fifteen year old girl and the great philosopher took birth? Confucius was forced into different kinds of labor like working as a keeper of the granary? supervising the fields etc mainly because he lost his father at an early age? Despite the fact that he was engaged in manual labor? he was more inclined towards the system of education? that is? learning as well as teaching? He was responsible for the school of thought known as ‘Confucianism?’ which believes that “familial relationships are the foundation for society” (McDevitt, p.46). Although Confucius is the father of this school of thought? he was not seen as the Lord or the Savior? he was just considered to be a ‘Sage teacher?’ Confucianism is not a religion that was founded by Confucian? rather it is “a tradition generally rooted in Chinese culture and nurtured” (An Introduction to Confucianism, p.17). by him and his disciples .Though he started out with working petty jobs? he gradually “rose through the administrative hierarchy” and around the time when he was 40 years old? he became “the prefect (Zai) and director of public works” (Huanyin,p.1). in Lu and began to spread Confucianism? He traveled to different provinces and began to inscribe in the minds of the audience his teachings and his wisdom in order to show the people the right path of life? He developed his teachings into a book during the later stages of his life when he returned to Lu and this collection of his philosophical thoughts and teachings came to be known as ‘analects?’ During the time he faced a lot of problems as his only son had passed away and so did a very loyal disciple of his? He was also deeply grieved by the fact the leaders of his own state would not accept his teachings? Confucius’ journey of life came to an end in 479 BCE and he was mourned by followers all over China. For any great leader to think and ponder deeply about particular things? there needs to be some sort of external stimulus that influences these thoughts? When does one actually think? When he sees things around him that he fails to understand why they happen and also things that cause trouble than that make one happy? Needless to say? Confucius’ thinking was influenced by various external factors and experiences that he went through? Now in order to understand Confucianism, one needs to possess a clear knowledge about the political and historical context from which it has arisen. Throughout the history of China? it becomes clear that the country has witnessed the rise and fall of a lot of dynasties? some of which were more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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