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Professor Name Day Month Year Atomic Bomb Essay Summary/Context There was an editorial published in the New York Times on December 9, 1945 titled ‘Debating the Atomic Bomb’. This short editorial focused in the social responsibility that the scientists developing weapons of mass destruction have…
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The atomic bomb essay
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"The atomic bomb"

Download file to see previous pages This editorial makes it a point to mention that, if a third world war is to be avoided, then the public must become even more involved. The author of this editorial, who is not named, makes the point that scientists are creating weapons that can alter the course of history. As such, they must have a responsibility to ensure these weapons are used as a deterrent, rather than for purposes of evil. The author contends that never before in history have scientists held so much power and, as such, a debate must take place to determine how, if ever, such bombs will be used again. This keeps in line with the political leaning of the New York Times during this time period. The paper, while not necessarily being outspoken critics of war efforts undertaken by the United States, certainly advocated a stance more towards the concept of neutrality. The Atomic Bomb was a big step in the advancement of war technology and editorials in the New York Times during 1945 took a hesitant stance towards its further development. If you will, it would appear that the editorial board of the paper certainly did not want to appear proud of the fact that we had dropped two such massive bombs on Japan. Finally, this editorial piece focused its attention on beginning to educate the public more about the advances of science. To this point, the author contends that scientific advancement went largely unnoticed. Now that weapons, such as the atomic bomb, are being created, the public must have more of a voice. The obvious point here is made that the decision to use such weapons eventually impacts every citizen in the country, so they need to make their voices heard. This position of getting the public more involved in the affairs of science is the overarching theme of this particular editorial. Analysis The author of this editorial has two main points. The major idea centers on the responsibility that scientists who are charge of creating such weapons as the atomic bomb have. This responsibility entails them understanding the power of destruction they hold over the world as these bombs are created. Furthermore, a second underlying them of the editorial the contention that scientists need to bring the atomic bomb debate to the American people. Since citizens are directly impacted by this weapons use, all of society has the responsibility to let the government know whether or not they approve of its eventual deployment in times of war. The atomic bomb was designed to bring a quick end to any conflict. Scientists developed it with this end result in mind. We know from out studies in class that the fighting in Japan was not going anywhere. It appeared that, if the war were to be drawn out on land, America and its Allies would suffer many more casualties. Claiming he had exhausted every other option, Roosevelt authorized the eventual use of the Atomic Bomb in Japan in an effort to avoid a prolonged ground war. We know the results. Roosevelt contention at the time was the he desired a quick end to the war, which was exactly what he got. War is an ugly business. America saved potentially thousands of their own lives that would have been lost had the war continued. These lives were saved, however, with the sacrificing of hundreds of thousands of Japanese citizens that died in an instant. This background on the decision to use the atomic bomb is necessary to truly understand the context of this particula ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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