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The reation and Incidence of Nuclear Weapons - Essay Example

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The reporter underlines that creation and incidence of Nuclear weapons have led them to be ranked as the most dangerous weapons to exist on earth which possess the ability to destroy an area as massive as an entire city…
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The reation and Incidence of Nuclear Weapons
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Extract of sample "The reation and Incidence of Nuclear Weapons"

Download file to see previous pages The paper will compare the articles written by John Muller and Robert Gallucci and discuss their viewpoints where Muller believes that nuclear weapons pose no threat to the world and Gallucci has stated that these weapons can be dangerous.
In the article by John Muller, the incidence of nuclear weapons proves to be of no use nor danger to the world for a number of reasons. This includes the fact that after the second world war, a lot of research has been placed towards their development and production. At the same time, policies have been enforced and forecasts have been made that their explosions are bound to take place during ten year periods. However, so far, no accident pertaining to them that is neither explosion nor the usage of nuclear weapons has taken place, despite years having passed through. The nuclear weapons have been developed to deter the Soviet Union from inaugurating military aggression, similar to that which had been practiced by Hitler, despite the party having no interest in doing such a thing.
On the contrary, in accordance to the article by Gallucci, the obvious concerns of the worldwide policy makers with regards to nuclear weapons is highlighted whereby it is mentioned that the mere creation of these weapons has proved to be one of the most endangering events in the course of history. This is because these weapons not only possess the power to cause destruction to the world but they are also able to cause reactions which would result in massive climatic changes to be experienced globally as well. The possession of such weapons is deemed to be a source of safeguard against oppression against one’s economy. However, it must be considered that errors are bound to exist and these can prove to be very costly when nuclear power is involved (Gallucci 54).
Mueller states that the productions of these weapons have caused wastage in the monetary fund's which are used to develop. This is due to the fact that they are never intended for use and in accordance to the Brookings Institution study of 1998, the United States has spent over $5.5 trillion on these weapons since 1940 (Muller 2). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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