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It has come to my attention that although the University of Arizona’s Police Manual has a zero tolerance approach to the possession of weapons on campus, there are certain factors that could be added to the policy and to the methods of operation that the Police Department…
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Policy proposal
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"Policy proposal"

Download file to see previous pages As such, in order to proactively meet this challenge, it is the responsibility of the respective police department to not only retain a zero tolerance policy as has been exhibited in the University of Arizona’s police manual/handbook, but also to actively engage key shareholders within the university to work to educate and inform based on the unique threat that such incidents place on everyone involved in the university environment. It is therefore the recommendation of this brief analysis that the University of Arizona’s Police Department should engage in actively raising awareness among both faculty and staff with regards to the threats that exist as well as what efforts can be made on behalf of the community to reduce the threats that exist as a function of weapons safety and violation.
It goes without saying that our current era has seen a drastically increased incidence of gun related university incidents. From the horrors of what happened at the Virginia Tech, the University of Alabama professor who shot and killed three of his colleagues during a faculty meeting, the Northern Illinois University incident involving the shooting death of 5 graduate students, and our very own University of Arizona School of Nursing incident in which 3 professors plus the gunman was killed.
All of these incidents have taken place within the past 15 years and represent a vast increase in the number and severity of mass murder perpetrated within the university environment. Accordingly, a zero tolerance policy alone is not sufficient to provide deterrence to such acts of horror. Although it is incumbent upon other entities within the university setting to broach this topic with students via orientation programs and introductions to university etc., it is also incumbent upon the University Police Department to become closely involved with the student and faculty in eliciting their support and help with minimizing threats that are faced by all as a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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