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Name: Instructor's name: Course: Date: Introduction The life of Candide, in the story, highlights the changes in perception and view of life. He was brought up with a Pangloss philosophy. Despite the existence of the philosophy, Candide character illustrates ignorance to the philosophy…
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Research Essay for the book Candide 3 (Middle Age European History)
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"Essay for the book Candide 3 (Middle Age European History)"

Download file to see previous pages Humanity is by the environment to which they live in; thus the behavior of Candide is a product of environment. The success of the whole story illustrates the power of the environment on shaping behavior. Martin states that life is a convulsion of misery and lethargy of boredom (Voltaire, Candide 289). The story is based on two people one with a pessimistic view while the other is optimistic. Candide is optimistic at the beginning is optimistic of the view develops the story line with utmost clarity. However, Martin belief of line as journey comprising of convulsion of misery and boredom is in the story clearly. The behavior of Candide changes, from a humble young man focused on acquiring wealth, to a man who is unsatisfied and suffering from boredom and misery (Voltaire and Wootton, Candide: And Related Texts 45). Life from the perspective of Candide may be better if he marries the love of his life; Cunegonde, but because of his status in the society, he is not by the brother in law. In order to achieve the level desired by the brother in law. The outstanding issues are obtaining financial independence and accrue wealth. Convulsions of misery in the story Candide believes that with the wealth he can earn respect from the brother in law, but he does not achieve this at all. In fact, the brother in law; Baron does not approve of the relationship and leaves after witnessing the marriage of Cunegonde and Candide (Wheeler 45). Despite the hardships passed on the quest to marry the love of her life, it is evident that satisfaction could not be achieved illustrating the existence of misery in lives and boredom. Candide obtained wealth from Eldorado, but the wealth did not change is personality. Likewise, Candide did not achieve the satisfaction from the wealth. The desire for wealth is a convulsion that when achieved does not guarantee satisfaction. The inability to achieve satisfaction in life is to convulsion by Martin. The uncontrolled desire to achieve something occurring suddenly and may end abruptly (Jordan 134). According to the life of Candide, the convulsions vary in strength and nature. Baron does not want his sister to marry a commoner. The perception does not change even after Candide rescues him. The sticking to his view indicates the strong believe that Candide cannot offer the best to his sister. Several events highlight the concept shared by Martin. Martin is pessimistic and argues that life gives a change of two issues namely; convulsion of misery and boredom. The rapid meeting of problems according to Martin is a convulsion of misery. The life of Candide is with misery and problems thus proving the belief of martin. Candide’s life illustrates sporadic events of misery. The conception and birth of Candide are by how he is in the castle. He is an illegitimate child brought up in the German barons home (Voltaire, Candide 145). A relationship with the daughter of the baron leads to expulsion from the castle. He later joins the Burglar camp, but a brief walk to lead to flogging. A travel to Holland reunites him with Pangloss. Pangloss was his teacher, but at the reunion he is a beggar illustrating the convulsion of misery. In Holland, Candide finds the same treatment as in Germany. His teacher Pangloss is hanged while Candide is again indicating the misery. Cunegonde is a sex slave showing the misery existing in the life. Despite rescuing Cunegonde, the journey to Buenos ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Research Essay for the Book Candide 3 (Middle Age European History) Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1462257-research-essay-for-the-book-candide.
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