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The separate lives of Candide and Douglass
Knowledge and happiness are the virtues significant to Candide and Frederick Douglas. Both of them lived during the time freedom was hard to seek and slavery was authorized. They both lived their lives on different purposes. …
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Candide and Douglass: An insight on their lives
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"Candide and Douglass: An insight on their lives"

Download file to see previous pages Both of them lived during the time freedom was hard to seek and slavery was authorized. They both lived their lives on different purposes. Candide looked for a lost love, while Frederick searched for freedom from the bondage of slavery. In this research, I ought to prove that Frederick’s life is more meaningful and has contributed immensely for the development of cultural diversity in the United States. Frederick’s quest for knowledge led him to the path of happiness, while for Candide; his quest for happiness led him to knowledge. This research will show how each of them achieved the virtues they looked for. Frederick was born a slave so that he was denied of the opportunity to learn and had to study of how to read and write from his own. He had no knowledge of his exact birth because as slave he was not taught how to account on dates. He was separated at once from his mother and his kins. It was customary at that time that mothers be separated from their babies in order to avoid bonding relation. He had to take lessons from the neighborhood in exchange of food. Teaching slaves to read and write was against the wishes of white masters at that time because they felt slaves will not serve them when they are learned, but Frederick believed that he can escape from bondage thru knowledge. He was able to do this after several years, and was able to read a great book. He learned about the abolitionist movement from the newspaper which he secretly read. He took great pains in learning to write by copying the letters in the sailboat. He did this alone while hiding this knowledge from others because he feared his masters. Frederick’s ultimate dream and happiness was to become a free man. At age fifteen he became a field worker, and during this time experienced horrifying conditions of slaves. He recalled that when it was time to sleep, all of them had to sleep side by side. He vividly described sleeping conditions of slaves as” “ old and young, male and female, dropped down side be side, on one common bed- the cold, damp floor –each covering himself/herself with a miserable blanket… and here they sleep until summoned to the field by a driver’s horn.”(chap 2, par. 3). To further illustrate the predicaments of slave at that time, Douglas recalled that killing a slave or a colored man is not a crime in Maryland so that when masters killed their slaves, they did not get punished. He suffered beatings along with others who were whipped without mercy just because it was the whim of the master. He experienced hunger, ate like a pig, suffered from heat on summer and coolness in winter; and at one time wished he were dead because he almost lost hope. His first taste of happiness was when he pulled a successful escape from slavery. In 1838, at the age 20, Frederick was successful on his second attempt to escape by posing as a sailor. He led a new life with his wife in Massachusetts under a new name which came to be known as Frederick Douglas. He was very nervous on his first time to talk as he was in front of whites, but because he talked about his own life, he was successful in his oratory. He became an abolitionist, an orator, a preacher and a lecturer. He also became a publisher of his own newspaper, The North Star. As an abolitionist, he participated in the convention in Seneca Falls in 1848 that started movements for equality for women. Frederick became an international figure as he was considered am untiring abolitionist, an indefatigable worker for justice and equal rights for women. Perhaps he attained the peak of his success as he was appointed as a trusted advisor for President Abraham Lincoln, United States Marshal for the District of Columbia, Recorder of Deeds For Washington, D.C., and Minister-General to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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