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China is the new Neo-Imperialist Power in Africa - Essay Example

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This paper has highlighted China’s role as the new neo-imperialist power in Africa. Following colonization and neo-colonization, Western interest in Africa declined due to its internal conflicts and low level of economic development despite financial aid. …
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China is the new Neo-Imperialist Power in Africa
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"China is the new Neo-Imperialist Power in Africa"

Download file to see previous pages In most African countries, independence and an end to colonial rule did not result in their gaining of complete control over economic, or even political affairs. Although considered as sovereign states, African countries continue to remain “under the economic and political control of their former rulers and the rich industrialized nations who direct the economic fortunes of the world ”. This kind of indirect, hidden command exerted on developing nations by the more advanced and powerful nations is termed as neocolonialism. It is the last stage of imperialism; and is defined as “control of the economic and development destiny by a former colonial area such as Africa by outside powers after independence”. Neocolonialism is illustrated by the British giving independence to Nigeria while at the same time maintaining control over the country’s political, social and economic spheres.
Europe and the United States had colonized Africa and continued to exert neocolonialism over the continent even after acceding it independence in the early 1960s. However, they have mostly seen Africa as a recipient of financial aid, and a region lacking economic development because of high levels of corruption and divisive rule by the African leaders. On the other hand, China with its drive for development and for achieving prosperity has been eager to invest in Africa with its rich natural resources. “China’s phenomenal economic growth has seen the country rise to world leadership status”. The country’s distinctive position in the community of nations enables it to span the developing world as well as the developed nations as a part of the United Nations Security Council. Over the last six decades, China has changed its foreign policy from confrontational measures to cooperation, economic development and international engagement. Capitalizing on its linkage with the developing world, China has strengthened its relations with Africa through trade and cooperation. Muekalia (2004, p.5) argues that China sees Africa as a partner in fulfilling its strategic goals of energy, trade and geopolitical interests. However, African leaders eager to initiate and benefit from their country’s developmental projects, accorded China control over their own countries’ politics and economic sectors. As a result, and also based on Chinese self-interests, China is found to be the new neo-imperialist power in Africa. Thesis Statement: The purpose of this paper is to discuss China’s role as the new neo-imperialist power in Africa. China as the New Neo-Imperialist Power in Africa At the core of neocolonialism is the fact that an independent continent such as Africa with all the outward trappings of international sovereignty, in reality has an economic system and political policy directed from outside. Africa needs to strengthen the economy of its countries and eliminate neocolonialism. On the other hand, the technological and economic inequalities between Africa and the rich industrialized nations are so great that it would be impossible to accomplish the material advances required without the assistance and cooperation of these advanced nations. Significantly, few countries offer such help without ensuring the advancement of their own interests in some way (Boateng 1978). Edoho (2011) investigated China-Africa relations by contextualizing China’s economic activities in Africa and determining the outcomes of the evolving relations for economic development in the region. China-Africa relations are found to be the consequence of the marginalization of Africa in the age of globalization. After the cold war ended, western disengagement from Africa created a vacuum which China is in the process of filling. Africa is embracing China because of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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