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Can a Person Believe in Democracy as a Form of Government unless he/she also Believes in the Power and Ablitiy of Human Reason - Essay Example

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Complete Can a person believe in Democracy as a form of government unless he/she also believes in the power and ability of human reason?  In order to ascertain the degree to which one should have relevant connection sought between ‘reason’ and ‘democracy’, it would be essential to examine the fundamental definition given for democracy…
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Can a Person Believe in Democracy as a Form of Government unless he/she also Believes in the Power and Ablitiy of Human Reason
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Can a Person Believe in Democracy as a Form of Government unless he/she also Believes in the Power and Ablitiy of Human Reason

Download file to see previous pages... Since democracy is a form of government and there are other forms of government that coexist with it, making a choice would be necessary so there must be a reason that a choice is made based on the principles established with it which can be scrutinized by reasoning as well to figure which type of government is most suitable for the condition of the individual rationalizing in this respect. This is the stage when it is primarily clear that knowledge of reason is perceived a necessary tool toward knowledge of democracy, yet knowledge alone does not embody conviction. Believing in the potential of reason occurs to be a couple of levels higher than merely knowing reason when it comes to strengthening belief about democracy. Cicero argues “Reason in fact – the one thing in which we are superior to the beasts, which enables us to make valid deductions, to argue, refute our opponents, debate, solve problems, draw conclusions – that certainly is common to us all ... ...
Moreover, Cicero is a philosopher who witnessed Rome to possess a mixed form of government for its Republic state was, at the time, founded on the combined features of aristocracy, democracy, and monarchy. Though such structure generated political balance within the system of governance to some extent, failure to observe proper administration due to the moral corruption with aristocracy bore no support for constitution. On this, Cicero necessitates for the community, people and state alike, to maintain a virtuous living since any government, regardless of form, would not stand on its own and do good apart from the love of reason and of natural laws. According to this philosophy, hence, if one were to desire the utmost impact of democracy, he ought to be guided correspondingly by the capacity to understand and nourish his discernment of good-natured politics with remarkable values of pure reason. In “The Second Treatise of Civil Government”, John Locke proposes that man’s state of nature is a state of perfect freedom and of equality whereby commonwealth is highly upheld along with the force of community as a whole instead of a rule by few in executing laws or political will. Then he goes on to claim “reason, which is that law, teaches all mankind who will but consult it that, being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions ... Men living together according to reason, which a common superior on earth with authority to judge between them, is properly the state of nature.” Basically, Locke believes in civil government which enables men to be judges of themselves at crucial times ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Democracy is the Best Form of Government
Democracy is a form of government that gives the people a voice. It is a representative form of government wherein the people are allowed to choose who will lead them. Democracy comes from two Greek words, “demos” which means the citizens in a Greek city-state, and “kratos” which means “power or rule” (Singleton, 1).
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Democracy as the best form of government
He argues in favor of democracy, stating that as each individual citizen should play a role in the city-state, then the government is required to advocate good life in its citizens. This is an impossible feat in an oligarchy due to the fact that an oligarchy is a government by a few people, as opposed to a democracy, which is accomplished by all within the city-state.
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Person-Centred Therapy Offers the Therapist All that he/she will Need to Treat Clients
It holds that accomplishing potential needs demands a favourable environment considering that under severe conditions, an individual can fail to develop and grow well. When an individual is denied positive attention and acceptance, he or she may start losing touch with the meaning of their experiences.
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Do you have to believe in Reason to believe in Democracy
This could be direct participation or through representatives, who help in the creation of laws (Copp et al. 40). Moreover, the cultural practices and economy equally and freely develop due to the self-determination in the politics. In addition, reason deals with the capacity of an individual’s conscious in making sense of issues (Copp et al.
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Democracy and Reason
There should be a sound reasoning on which democracy should be based and therefore this paper attempts to explore that reason and democracy are interrelated concepts and it can be considered that both ideas cannot be separated from each other (Spragens, 20).
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Reason and Democracy
One of the most popular informal definitions of democracy is by former English Prime Minister Winston Churchill who said that democracy is the worst form of government next to none. Democracy and reason are tightly couples, and if they are looked closely, it becomes clear that one cannot do without the other.
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Do you have to believe in Reason to believe in Democracy
Obama states that this has been achieved by innovativeness and recognition of education as a core subject. Therefore, other countries that do not consider democracy are also benchmarking this approach and using democracy as it is considered a vital investment.
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He Said, She Said
Communication roadblocks could be identified to fall into three major divisions. These include judging, sending solutions, and avoiding other’s concerns. These three divisions are then subdivided into few more 12 subsections.
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Reason and democracy
Democracy refers to a governmental system under which all citizens eligible to the state have equal rights and say on matters that affect their lives. Democracy encourages equal participation of all eligible citizens in the electoral process and other indirect activities that involve development of the nation.
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