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Do you have to believe in Reason to believe in Democracy - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Do You Have to Believe in Reason to Believe in Democracy? Most discussions consider democracy and human reason separately. This means that people do not consider these topics separately. Descriptively, democracy is a government where people say is equally important as that of the government…
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Do you have to believe in Reason to believe in Democracy
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"Do you have to believe in Reason to believe in Democracy"

Download file to see previous pages 42). Therefore, an individual is able to make logic, justify his or her actions and have personal beliefs. This is based on the information that is existent. Philosophy considers reason as rational (Swanson 35). Therefore, cognition, intellect and thinking are part of the reason. Arguably, reason leads to actions or habits that are a person’s thinking. Consequently, one can judge a situation just or unjust, good or bad (Copp et al. 48). In summary, reason and democracy are two different aspects but with a connection yet cannot be said to be tightly linked. Democracy has its connection to rights and freedom to do what one desires. However, freedom and rights come with responsibilities according to democracy (Swanson 55). Consequently, people in democratic nations have the freedom to speech, live, assemble and do other things in accordance with the highest rule of law. Additionally, democracy is also a human right because it gives citizens the free will to carry on their mandates. Moreover, democracy also protects the basic rights of people. Therefore, democracy is a principle mandate that most governments try to uphold. In summary, democracy is all about the rights and freedom of people. A government that is democratic has power but is accountable to the public. However, this accountability raises concerns because the government should respond to the voice of the citizens (Swanson 63). Consequently, forms of democracy that exist are direct and representative democracy (Held 80). Direct democracy means citizens can actively and directly participate the making of decisions within the government. On the other hand, there is a representative democracy where a set body has sovereignty of power (Held 80). These forms are to help in the representation of the people. Interestingly, this form of modern democracy is common today. In summary, democracy can be either direct or representative but still represents the will of the people. The sole principle in democracy is the equity and freedom of the people. This means that every citizen is equal before the law and the legislative process (Copp et al. 52). Therefore, every person is equal to the other. However, upward control, social norms and political equity are the fundamental principles (Copp et al. 54). As a result, the government reflects equality through these principles. Therefore, democracy allows citizens to be fully part in the life of the society. Democracy often characterizes the majority rule. As a result, the minorities within the government have the tyranny of the majority (Held 197). This is when the protection of a group or individual rights protection. On the other hand, democracy entails elections, which mainly are competitive. Additionally, democratic elections allow people their freedom of speech, political expression and press (Held 201). The citizens are eligible since they serve the interest of the people. In summary, democracy in the modern world entails the majority rule and their tyranny as they enhance the freedom of the people. Reason is a substance that makes a judgment of a person’s behavior. It helps in arguments since it creates the sense of logic (Manktelow 15). Therefore, attitudes, institutions and traditions play a role in the creation of reason. Moreover, reason is associates with freedom and determinism. According to scientists, the cognition enhances reason in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Do You Have to Believe in Reason to Believe in Democracy Essay)
Do You Have to Believe in Reason to Believe in Democracy Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1478018-do-you-have-to-believe-in-reason-to-believe-in.
“Do You Have to Believe in Reason to Believe in Democracy Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1478018-do-you-have-to-believe-in-reason-to-believe-in.
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Do you have to believe in Reason to believe in Democracy
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