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Events in Iran and the Carter Legacy: Successes and Failures - Essay Example

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Author`s Name School Name Topic Events in Iran and the Carter Legacy: Successes and Failures President Jimmy Carter won the 1976 presidential elections where he swept victory over Republican presidential candidate Ford, who lost public support for pardoning President Jimmy Carter after the Watergate scandal took place (Dumbrell 1993)…
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Events in Iran and the Carter Legacy: Successes and Failures
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"Events in Iran and the Carter Legacy: Successes and Failures"

Download file to see previous pages Initially when he took over, the inflation and recession were the biggest challenge for him (Vance 1983). Also, the events in Iran enhanced the complexities in the international scenario and the unpredictable nature of events proved to be a source of misfortune for the President. Thus, the mishandling of the Iran affairs posed a serious setback to his image both at home and abroad. By the end of his tenure his popularity rate had dropped significantly and he was known more for his failures rather than his successes. Initially when he took office, one of the major challenges for U.S was the growing animosity amongst the Iranian public for the Shah of Iran, who was the main bargaining chip for US. The twin pillar strategy rested upon the stability in Iran during the reign of the Shah of Iran as it ensured the due oil rights needed by the U.S. The tyrannical rule of the Shah ended with the massive retaliation of the masses and the overthrow of Shah by Ayatollah Khomeini who turned Iran into an Islamic State. This was the first major setback to the Carter administration, however there were many more to come. When Carter permitted Shah of Iran to transit to US for his treatment, the anger amongst the masses in Iran grew. As a reaction, Islamic militant students in Iran invaded the US embassy in Iran and sixty six Americans were held hostage by these Iranians. Bewildered by these events, Carter tried to reach negotiations with Ayatollah Khomeini and even froze all assets of Iran but all efforts went to waste. Thus, as a last resort he went for a military option which also turned out to be a failure as US helicopters were trashed, and eight soldiers were killed. Thus, Carter had to face immense criticism domestically as well as amongst the world affairs. (Kirkpatrick 1973) Domestically, the events which took place in Iran during the tenure of Carter led towards the failure of his political career. Since, in the post Watergate era the media was more active and critical than ever thus it posed thorough criticism against Carter in the aftermath of the Iran debacle. Media portrayed him as an inexperienced and an unprofessional president who treats his political business like it was another one of his farm businesses. Also, after many Americans were held hostages American flags were burnt and “Marg bar Amerika” was said aloud by the protestors expressing their dismay over the failure of the administration. Thus, his approval ratings dropped to a significant level. Also he was unpopular amongst the congress as well as amongst other administrative members owing to the miscalculation of foreign affairs strategizing. (Kaufman 1996) Globally also, the image of Carter was badly hit due to the Iran affairs. Also, the global community also believed that had the Carter administration controlled the uprising in Iran earlier the massive response wouldn’t have been apparent at all. Moreover, once there was a complete halt in the US and Iran for almost 29 years, even this is considered at one of the failures of the Carter administration. Since the position of US in the Middle East was weakened in the wake of the change of political scenario in Iran, in the cold war context this was a shame for the U.S which is also often associated with the Carter administration. Though Carter is often appraised in the post presidency context owing to the energy advocacy he underwent, but in the light of the Iran events he is considered as a failed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Events in Iran and the Carter Legacy: Successes and Failures Essay)
“Events in Iran and the Carter Legacy: Successes and Failures Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1450726-q2-be-familiar-with-events-in-tehran-and-context-of-carter-administration-impact-on-his-legacy-did-tehran-have-an-impact-on-car.
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