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Multicultural Voices MV for India/Pakistan - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Multicultural Voices MV for India/Pakistan Introduction According to Frances Hesselbein, the culture of organizations receives special attention in the duration of great change. Different leaders issue different calls for various cultural changes…
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Multicultural Voices MV for India/Pakistan
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Download file to see previous pages Changing an organizational culture needs a complete transformation of the purpose of the organization, organization itself as well as its focus on results and customers. Frances Hesselbein argues that culture do not change because we desire it, but when the whole organization is transformed. This is because culture indicates the realities of the people who everyday work together. In India, a family is the most significant institution that survives through ages. They emphasize family loyalty, family integrity and family unity. India has a collectivist society in which they practice massive willingness to have cooperation with the members of the family and other kinsmen on issues affecting their life aspects such as selection of mates, career choice and marriage. Issues of gender are greatly rising in India with feminists advocating for the rights of women. This paper hence seeks to incorporate the concerns and questions on family and gender in “Analyzing Fiction for Historical Meaning” in Multicultural voices and the Chandni Bar movie. On the historical context, according to the Multicultural voices of Pakistan/India, the society and family consider women as merely second class citizens. Although various women and feminists continually advocate for greater equality and rights of women in India, their historical view on the roles of gender is still backward in relation to the western society. Traditionally, the role of every gender in the society of Indians is that which is steeped in culture and religion making for an oppressive tradition. According to the Multicultural voices of India, the ritual that relates to marriage and birth shows a son preference. The phenomenon of the preference of sons in the modern perspective is an amniocentesis test to eradicate the female fouls. In fact the dowry preference has increased a huge deal and is greatly spreading to the groups of low caste which initially exercised bride price. The element and phenomenon of demanding dowry increased tremendously after young men begun moving to Gulf countries and required huge sums of money to purchase tickets and other necessary things. From the movie and the short story, the majority of marriages are organized by parents. The issues of love marriages are not proven even in the most urban areas. This however is compelled by acute violence against women which makes arranged marriages less considered in the metropolitan cities. Historically, marriage in India is a crime if you are a man because none of their actions would not be considered an offense and does not only cost the man but also the siblings and family dearly. In the social context, according to Wainwright women are forced to practice things that they may not like for themselves simply because they are women. They are looked as the second beings in the society. For instance in the movie Chandni Bar, Mumtaz’s uncle persuades her to become a bar girl. Although he promised that it would be temporary, the uncle never kept the promise. In fact he lived on her income and drunk the earnings without getting a job for himself. Mumtaz did not like the idea of dancing and flirting, but was forced by the uncle under the circumstances that were prevailing then. The uncle even ended up raping her one night when he came home drunk. From this, we can see that women are under valued and not given the right to choose what they want with their lives. In the Chadni Bar movie, we witness Potiya, a gangster, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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