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Social Democratic and Economic Progress in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago between 19902005 - Essay Example

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The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, situated 11 Km. off the coast of Venezuela in the southern Caribbean Sea, is an archipelagic country consisting of two main islands Trinidad and Tobago and 21 other smaller islands. While the largest populated island is Trinidad, Tobago continues to remain the less populated area…
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Social Democratic and Economic Progress in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago between 19902005
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Extract of sample "Social Democratic and Economic Progress in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago between 19902005"

Download file to see previous pages It is widely known for its natural beauties, tourist locations, and attractive sceneries. The country's capital city is Port -of -Spain, which has staked its claim to serve as the headquarters of the permanent secretariat of the Free Trade Area of the Americas.1
Everything is good for this country, which has seen several vicissitudes in relation to its economy, except for its instable political conditions. Backed by a strong multicultural, multiethnic and multi religious society, the democracy of Trinidad and Tobago has been undergoing several phases of political instability for the last decade-and-a-half seriously posing a threat to its economy in the long run. As the frequent political instability takes away the valuable time of the political parties, they find less and less time to concentrate on Governmental matters
resulting in an administrative vacuum. This also generally paves the way for criminals to take an upper hand over law and order machinery over a period. If the political parties continue to fight among themselves neglecting the citizens' welfare, it will ruin the country's future
Trinidad and Tobago political parties, including the smaller ones, must know that continued political instability may also result in three unwanted developments. 1. It may lead to people losing confidence in democracy and the political parties. ...
1. It may lead to people losing confidence in democracy and the political parties. Frequent elections and crises of leadership would badly shake the faith of people in the democratic system of governance. In addition, it would pose extra burden on the state exchequer with heavy and recurring spending on frequent elections. 2. Experience has shown that countries lacking in political stability are prone to invite military interference in the administration resulting in frequent coups, internal conflicts and rebellions.2 Pakistan is the best example for this. 3. Frequent political instability of a country would devaluate the country's credentials in the eyes of neighbors making it vulnerable to the pulls and pressures of big powers. Moreover, such countries would lose their bargaining power during economic negotiations at the international level.
Thesis / main essay
With ancestors of India, Africa, Europe, China, and the Middle East converging, residing, professing various faiths, and speaking various languages in this tiny republic, Trinidad and
2 What drives violent conflict available from; Internet; accessed 22 November 2005

Tobago mercifully presents a picture of 'unity in diversity'. During the 1990s, social awareness on the issues of harmony and coexistence had grown into wider proportions among various sections of Trinidad and Tobago people. As a country hosting residence to people of several races and groups, this nation has transformed itself into a symbol of co- existence and peaceful living. As per the information provided in the Wikipedia, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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