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Western Civilazation. The Agrarian Revolution - Essay Example

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Hunting and gathering was the way of life of the ancestral human beings. The people that practiced this livelihood hunted down wild animals for food and other basic commodities. They also collected nuts and seeds, which they seeds for food…
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Western Civilazation. The Agrarian Revolution
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"Western Civilazation. The Agrarian Revolution"

Download file to see previous pages The activities of the ancestral man included inventing tools that they would use to hunt down effectively wild animals. They also used most of their time to look for areas that wild animals frequently passed or stayed. The organization of the society was not complex as their daily normal activities were exceedingly simple. The organization of people in the hunting and gathering period includes small groups of people like one to ten people in a group (Pouwels & Randall 79). However, these groups increased when food was abundant, and the climate was good to nearly a hundred people in a group. They moved frequently in search of the wild animals and crops. The shelters of people practicing hunting and gathering consisted of temporary shelters or caves safe from the dangers of the night and adverse weather conditions. Gathering started before hunting whereby the people organized in small groups could collect nuts and fruits that fell from trees. They could also collect eggs from large birds and other animals hidden in different places on the ground. With time gathering could not substantially accommodate the daily needs of the people. The foods they collected would be so little at times to fit their small groups. This is when they then decided to hunt down wild animals for food. The men who practiced hunting and gathering were the Homo erectus who had a lot of similitude to the modern man (Biesel & Schweitzer 17). This is in terms of their brain development and stature. They used other products of the animals they killed apart from the flesh, which they ate as food. They used the skin of the wild animals to make cloths that protected them from the harsh weather especially at night. They used other animal products like the horns to make weapons, which they used to kill other animals. Man started to develop the way in which he hunted the wild animals. This happened when they started hunting a particular group of wild animals. By observing their speed and strength, they were able to invent tools that would effectively put them down. This includes tool like the bows and arrows, spears, fishing nets that would increase the number of fish that they could catch. The people also started to concentrate on certain plants that they collected and used for food. By doing this, they also came up with tools to make their gathering of the fruits or seeds easier. Agrarian revolution was the time in history when man started practicing agriculture as a way of sustaining their livelihood (Turne & Maryanski 76.). This happened when man began planting the crops that they had been collecting so that they could have access of it at any time (Rosen 159). It was the time when many people stopped hunting-gathering and embraced planting to get food and other basic commodities. During this period, not only did the source of food of the people change but also the societal organization changed. When in the hunting and gathering times, people used to stay in small groups. However, during the agrarian revolution, people had to organize themselves in complex systems (Herrman & Benzing 136). This then led to the drastic change in the environment where people lived. Towns and villages sprang up, and people used land that was usually bare to plant different types of crops. This thus led to organized political systems where people chose dominant leaders to lead others. The culture and the art world also changed as the culture and practices of the community changed. Language also improved significantly, as people had to communicate more in the agrarian setting than in the hunting and gathering settings. This is because people had to relate more to ensure that the activities they carried out worked well and in an organized manner. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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