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FINAL EAM HIS. 101 - Essay Example

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The supply of these commercial centers has evolved and increased throughout Europe since 11th and 12th century, particularly in the central and Eastern Europe. It is assumed that no any other region in the word…
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Extract of sample "FINAL EAM HIS. 101"

Rise of Commercial Centers in Europe Today, there are over 66.2 million commercial centers across Europe. The supply of these commercial centers has evolved and increased throughout Europe since 11th and 12th century, particularly in the central and Eastern Europe. It is assumed that no any other region in the word that can match Europe in economic growth today. The rise of these commercial centers was contributed by several factors. One of the major factors that contributed to the rise of commercial centers was the agrarian revolution. Available sources states that agrarian revolution was at its peak during this time. Because of this, cities and factories were developed. The factories were responsible for the processing of the agricultural products. Growth of factories facilitated the development of commercial centers. It is also during this period that the phenomenon of enlightment was experienced. A number of scholars started emerging during this period. These scholars contributed to the development of research (McKay, 123).
It was also during this period that the phenomenon of renaissance was experienced. Renaissance or re-birth contributed significantly towards the growth of commercial centers because it enabled the Europeans to widen their scope of thinking (McKay, 127).
The development of the learning institutions such as universities also had a role to play as far as growth of commercial centers is concerned. Through universities, innovation and inventions rose drastically. This facilitated the growth of commercial centers. Increase in population is another factor that contributed to the growth of commercial centers. It is clear that Europe population stated rising significantly during this period. This was due to improved medical care. The rise in population demands of commodities and hence leads to the development of commercial businesses. Technological advancement is another factor that facilitates the growth of commercial centers. This is because the advent of technology facilitated the development of industries which in turn promoted the development of other commercial centers such as banks. In order to achieve this there was a great need of business expansion which in turn led to the rise of commercial centers (Coffin et. al, 259)
Benefits of the rise of commercial centers to the population
The rise of these commercial centers in Europe brought several benefits to the population. The first benefit of development of commercial centers is that it leads to improvement of the living standards. This is because the people could get money through selling services or goods the rise of commercial centers brought better living standards and thus lowering the poverty rates. As more centers were brought up, more people were employed while others established their own self business. This in turn improved the living standards of these people. Growth of commercial centers stimulated higher retail employment (Coffin, 263).
A recent research has shown that rise of commercial centers in Europe helped bring about a big rise in total employment. It states that the number of people in work rose from 2.53 million to nearly 29 million. This therefore greatly benefited the population. Additionally, the rise of commercial centers led to the growth of the Europe economy, this in turn brought a positive impact on many company and business confidence. To the general population, this is was good news for their stock market and growth of both small and large businesses. Today Europe commercial centers are accepted as property assets class by investors while retailers consider them as a very efficient trading venue. Consumers on the other hand view them as a destination that provides greater choice and convenience (Coffin, 271).
Russell, Jared. (1910). The development of commercial centers,Vol. 42, No. 5 (1910), pp. 346- `355.Bulleting of the American Geographical Society.New York: American geographical society. Print.
Coffin Judith, Cole Joshua & Carol Symes. Western Civilizations: Volume I, W.W. Norton,17th edition. ISBN 978-0393934823. 2002.Print.
McKay Stacey. Sources of Western Civilization, Vol. 1 From Antiquity to the Enlightenment. Bedford St. Martins, 2010. Print. Read More
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(FINAL EAM HIS. 101 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
FINAL EAM HIS. 101 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“FINAL EAM HIS. 101 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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