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Comparision between the Transcript of Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854) and the Transcript of Missouri Compromise (1820) - Research Paper Example

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Surname: Instructor: Course: Date: Comparison between the Transcript of Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854) and the Transcript of Missouri Compromise (1820) The Transcript of Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854) was initiated to organize the territories of Nebraska and Kansas…
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Comparision between the Transcript of Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854) and the Transcript of Missouri Compromise (1820)
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Extract of sample "Comparision between the Transcript of Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854) and the Transcript of Missouri Compromise (1820)"

Download file to see previous pages The act provided that not anything entailed in this in it shall be interpreted to hamper the United States government from partitioning the territory into two or more partitions in the manner in which the congress shall deem necessary, or inhibit the same government from attaching any portion of the Territory to any other Territory of U.S or State. The act makes further provisions to avoid insinuations that impair the right to property or person in relation to the Indians in the Territory provided the rights shall be not be extinguished by the treaty entered. This usually involves Indians and the United States or any other territory which is not to be included in the jurisdiction or the line of the territory without consent of the Indian tribe. In addition, all territories like that shall be accepted outside the boundaries and make up no section of the Nebraska Territory until the tribe itself signifies its assent to the United States’ President to be included in the Nebraska Territory. ...
Section two of Transcript of Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854) states that the authority and power of the executive over and in the Nebraska Territory shall be awarded to the Governor who shall be in that office for at least four years to the point at which his or her successor shall be qualified and appointed, unless the Governor is removed from the office by the United States’ President. The section entails that the Governor remains the commander in chief of the militia and reside within that territory thereof. Such Governors may grant respites and pardons for the offenses against the Territory’s stated laws as well as amnesty for offenses against the United States’ laws up to the point in which the decision of the President is made known. The Governor shall also have all officers appointed to the office commissioned under the laws of the Territory and see to it that the law is executed. On the other hand, section two of Transcript of Missouri Compromise (1820) states that the mentioned state shall include the middle of river Mississippi, the parallel altitude of St. Francisco river, the meridian line cutting through the center of river Kansas mouth where it flows into river Missouri, the intersection of the latitude passing through rapids of Des Moines river, the section of river Des Moines that empties in to the river of Mississippi. This section majorly describes the boundaries in the said state. The section further provides that the state shall have a concomitant jurisdiction on the Mississippi river and any other river that boarders the state provided the rivers forms a universal boundary to the state and some other states formed and bounded by the said state. The section ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Comparision Between the Transcript of Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854) and Research Paper)
“Comparision Between the Transcript of Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854) and Research Paper”, n.d.
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