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The Missouri Compromise - Research Paper Example

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The Missouri Compromise Introduction The name ‘Missouri’ was first used by Jacques Marquette who was a missionary from France. The Missouri treaty was formed after the victory of Britain over France in 1762, and as a result of the treaty Spain obtained control over the Missouri territory…
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The Missouri Compromise
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"The Missouri Compromise"

Download file to see previous pages Slavery was a system in which the black men were compelled to live under the command of their masters. Slaves were not paid for their work and they were not permitted to learn to read and write. They were punished harshly for even small mistakes and their life was full of sorrow and misery. The clash between the supporters of the slavery system and the anti slavery faction in the United States reached its peak and in 1920 an agreement has been made between these two political groups in admitting the Missourian territory to be a part of the United States by giving the status of a slave state. This is termed as the Missouri compromise. The growth of Missouri as a State Missouri was a territory purchased by the United States from France in1803. It was a part of the Louisiana territory which was under the French rule and the laws were supporting slavery in this region and she experienced the migration of slave owners from Southern States and from other provinces of Louisiana. Missourians started demanding for the formation of a new state and an entry in to the Union by 1818. During 1870s the Northern states started the exclusion of slavery and the northern lawmakers despised the growth of slavery in other states like Missouri. But the consideration of the plan to grand statehood and an entrance for Missouri to the union raised arguments among the representatives and senators in the congress. Missouri already had more than 2000 slaves and majority of the people demanded the continuation of slavery system but the Northerners were afraid of the spread of slaves to the other states of the union. In 1820 Missouri became the part of the United States with the status of a slave state. It was primarily a political struggle that followed for two years but the evils of slavery were fully considered in the course of discussion1. Beginning of the debate Congress failed to admit the Missourian statehood in 1818 and a second attempt has been made by Tallmadge to change the bill in 1819 who was not at all a supporter of slavery and recommended the formation of a slave free Missouri by adding two clauses to prevent the entry of new slaves to the state and to free the children of the slaves when they become adults. These two clauses paved way for debates among the Lawmakers. Tallmadge never expected the congress to accept suggestions but expected to “have produced moral effects which will eventually (save) our beloved country from disgrace and danger”2. Northerners never supported slavery and the system of considering human beings as property; consequently, they recommended not permitting the slaves of the new state to vote if slavery is allowed there. It was the constitutional duty of the Congress to ensure republican rule in its newly formed states. A few of the lawmakers were not in favour of the abolition of slavery from the existing states but they argued for the removal of slavery from the newly formed states. They were afraid of the spread of slaves to other areas of the Union especially to the Free states which would result in political weakening. Southerners, who were in favour of slavery, opposed all these arguments. They suggested that freedom could be given to the state to take decision over slavery. There were so many ideological factors which separated the southerners and northerners and slavery was one and the foremost among them. Their interests and needs were different. Northerners supported laws which could help production and foreign trade whereas ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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