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Agrarian societies in history - Essay Example

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The Agrarian period witnessed a lot of economic,cultural and political activity among various societies in the ancient societies.The differences in activity were inclined to a number of factors and this largely depended on the geographical habitat of a given society…
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Agrarian societies in history
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Download file to see previous pages The Agrarian period witnessed a lot of economic, cultural and political activity among various societies in the ancient societies. The differences in activity were inclined to a number of factors and this largely depended on the geographical habitat of a given society. The three fundamental questions that are tackled in this instance include, if there was any social structure in that society and how it was constructed, what was the diet of that particular society and lastly, what was important for the people of that society’s survival. The Tang dynasty in the Agrarian society was characterized by the caste system just like most of the earlier traditional Agrarian societies. There existed the rulers who were at the apex of the social structure and this caste went down to the laborers who were at the bottom of the social structure. It had a stable government with intellectuals being highly regarded. History of Tang dynasty majorly emphasizes only the mandarins and the nobles, the clergy and the intellectuals who were at the top of the social system (Benn 56-59). Furthermore, the group of mentioned elite in the Tang society had little or no time for the artisans, merchants, traders and slaves. It is only the elite that left some of the writings that were found in the Chinese library many years later. On the contrary, the lower in the class system did not leave any writings behind. The Tang society was patriarchal in nature as no major recognition was given to women in the Tang society. ...
In some instances, tea was taken with traditional Chinese bread which was mainly baked by women in Traditional Tang society. The Tang together with its sister, Chinese dynasty the Ming, gave great reverence to trade in gunpowder which was a very important economic activity. It was during this period that the gun powder was invented. Gun powder was one of the most important activities in the day to day lives of the people in the Tang dynasty. Lastly in regard to the Tang, religion played an essential role in the lives of the people. The Tang societies were very religious with Buddhism being the main religion of the entire dynasty. Buddhism attracted the largest number of adherents and it’s on the basis of Buddhism religion through which court decisions were influenced or made (Benn 94-97). Just like the Tang dynasty, the Aztec society was also a socially stratified society in the sense that there existed several classes among the Aztec people. There were the nobles and also the commoners. The king or ruler the Tlatoani was considered sacred together with his lineage and had great influence among the Aztec people. The Tlatoani was the voice of the Aztec and his word was given preeminence as sacred. He had his royal who served the main purpose of paving his way of the normal people. His words were taken to be the word of the gods and nobody in the Aztec society would go contrary to this. A child born in Aztec society grew up and eventually died on the class or caste that his family belonged to. They believed that the cosmos had its way of classifying people in classes and this was the will of the gods, for this reason they embraced the fit in system where one inherited his social strata by the mere virtue of birth. On their food preferences, animal meat was a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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