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The Nazi Party - Essay Example

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THE NAZI PARTY Name ` Course Date Nazi was a political party based in Germany in the period 1920-1945. The party was created from the current far-right racist nationalist movement of and the hostile anti-communist culture, which fought against the emergency of communist revolutionaries after the First World War in Germany…
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The Nazi Party
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The Nazi Party

Download file to see previous pages... Several reasons lie behind the rise and support of the Nazi party. Contemporary historians argue that Nazi rose as a result of: Hitler’s mesmerizing skills and personality, the party’s effective use of propaganda, the challenges faced by the republic of Weimar, Hitler’s utilization of the Dolchstoss myth, the great depression encountered by the Germany people, and their fear of communism, attracted a massive support in 1920s. Hitler had an ability to grasp his audience’s attention by use of his speeches. People could always listen to him and appreciate the sense in his talk. The most remarkable ability of this leader was to capture the mood of his audience by allowing free admission to his speeches unlike his opponents. Logically, the fact that Hitler was much of a popular and eloquent speaker was a reason behind Nazi’s attraction to growing support during the 1920s. His impressive nature was the key contributing factor to the party’s electoral success in the late twenties. Even though the war was no more, the fondness and militarism for military tradition retained its strength in Germany. The Nazis attracted enormous interest with the help of their processions, sheer energy, leaflets, and military bands in appealing to the soft spot, which most Germans possessed, for the Prussian armed forces style, with pride and discipline (Bottaro 2001, 234).. The marches by the Nazi storm troopers were very impressive and had a massive presence. The prospect of these parades stimulated emotions among the people of Germany, and those who honored the militaristic principles that Germany had stood for in the past supported Hitler at their best. Hitler had a brilliant grip of propaganda principles, ahead of most of his opponents. His propagandists portrayed him as a savior, who could battle the working class and large businesses on behalf of those ignored by the community. One of Hitler’s main propaganda specialists, Dr. Joseph Goebbels described Hitler as a “contemporary monk” who worked industriously for his country. This gives a perfect illustration of how the media was used by the Nazi party to convince Germans of Hitler’s superlative leadership credentials, which in turn boosted the party’s support and growth. Hitler intellectually manipulated the media in order to be portrayed in the most affirmative light possible. Consequently, Germans were efficiently brainwashed ( Hehn 2005, 22). Hitler assured restoration of honor to the Germans, to bring back work and wages, and to renew political order. Before the world depression that began around 1928, he dedicated much of his political energy to the middle class. Even though the Nazis found it very hard to attract efficient support for those groups that stood by socialist parties like KPD and SDP, Germany experienced an agricultural disparity that pre-empted the international depression that came afterwards, and Hitler turned his attention to rural citizens, who would be in need for somebody to look into their problems. With such promises in their minds, German’s middle class had to support the Nazi party so that they could get those promises fulfilled. The impoverished small farmers, skilled workers, peasants, and rural traders were promised a reconstruction of farming enterprises and abolition of numerous taxes. The Nazis referred to peasants as having true German blood with true German life yet they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How did the Nazi Party begin to change the culture of Germany
History and Political Science. How did the Nazi Party begin to change the culture of Germany? One of the main reasons methods that Hitler used in the early days was to create jobs and help people through the hardship of economic crisis: “It is not hard to find parallels between the rising economic distress and the increase in Hitler’s adherents.” (Heiden.
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Comparison of Literature Respecting Fascism during the Nazi Party Era
The theme that ties these works all together is the fact that fascism did exist, but, can the alignment that has been cast with the Nazi party and their embracement of the fascist ideology should really be exonerate or embraced. As there can be no single defining justification for the term attached to just about any evidence in history, Paxton wrote that "no single definition can do the problem justice, but Paxton does come up with something very useful.
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Nazi Germany
Germany was forced by the Allies to accept its defeat in war and it also had to sign the Treaty of Versailles, which was very harsh for the Germans as it would have to pay for reparations, lose all territories and almost become incapable for another war as it had to take full responsibility for the previous war, World War I (Trueman, 2000).
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