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How Germany's hospitality has changed during the olympics games in 1936 compared to the WM in 2006 - Essay Example

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To negotiate for the Germany’s hosting of the eleventh Olympics games, the International Olympic Committee- IOC and the Olympic Committee of Germany met in the city of Berlin. But for the ramifications of the Great…
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How Germanys hospitality has changed during the olympics games in 1936 compared to the WM in 2006
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Extract of sample "How Germany's hospitality has changed during the olympics games in 1936 compared to the WM in 2006"

Download file to see previous pages Further, the German committee show cased their construction as well as development plans pertaining how the city of Berlin would enhance the hosting of the games. Germany would also have all facilities of sports regulation for the competitions in entirety.
While the IOC called in on other cities like Barcelona, in 1931, the German committee persistently made a follow up. They made sure that they had straightened all the nitty-gritty to heighten all the chances of their nation’s hosting the 1936 Olympics. For instance, they insisted on their eligibility since the 1916 chance had been cancelled. By the vote magnitude, Berlin surpassed Barcelona by 27 votes of the 59 votes cast. Therefore, the eleventh summer Olympics’ hosting right went to Berlin on May 13, 1931 subsequent to the IOC concluding a straw poll from the delegates present then. They later announced their verdict globally.
By this award, IOC portrayed that Germany had a good reputation as regards the world community of nations. Later, Germany won another right where they would play host to the fourth winter Olympics of 1936 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. (Vercamer and Pipes, 2009)
This is a study set out to discuss both the 1936 Olympic Games held in Germany and the 2006 Weltmeisterchaft (WM) games. Note that Weltmeisterchaft is German for world cup. These are going to be compared to each other and more specifically there will be a vivid answer to be provided to the study question. The study question is, “Which were the impacts of the 1936 Olympic games to the German hospitality to other countries compared to the 2006 world cup effects on the same?”
The Olympic Games in Berlin held in the year 1936 ran in a flawless manner and there were no significant predicaments. The events of athletics as well as the ceremonies of medal awarding were coupled by a vast number of social and cultural events. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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