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The Crusades - Essay Example

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The Crusades played a big role in the history during the Middle Ages also known as the Dark Ages. This series of holy wars between the medieval Christians and Muslims impinged on many Europeans. …
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The Crusades
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"The Crusades"

Download file to see previous pages The outcomes of the Crusades on Europe during this era became a significant aspect in evolving and in the development of the European civilization, affecting all aspects of life. These include the riches and control of the Catholic Church. Thus, it further increased and expanded their influence and supremacy, placing the Christian legion and resources under their full control. In addition, they attuned the people to look upon them as leaders. Above and beyond all the clout and dominance the papacy had on the people, the pouring out of gifts of devoutness was engorged by the astonishing zeal of spiritual passion into epic scope. In all these, the preeminence of papal rule and the prosperity of the Catholic Church were immensely amplified. Another aspect that was greatly developed because of the Crusades was on business and trading. A steady exigency for transportation led to the construction of ships. This widened the borders of trade, broadening the market into all of Europe. Overflowing trade goods coming from the rich lands of China and other Asian countries also found their way to Europe, therefore, building a stronger association with the European and Asian cultures. The crusades undoubtedly changed Western European life. For example, they helped chip away feudalism. Countless noblemen and knights loaned or sold away their lands to finance journeys and expeditions. This deterioration in both the numbers and power, and the matching intensification of the regal power, may be pinned down in the revolution that transpired in the birthplace of the movement, France. The Crusades, aside from their effects on religious and economical facet, facilitated the decomposition of the power of feudal nobility. It gave way to the importance of the kings and the people. Societal growth and expansion were now in the hands of the burgher class, or the middle class. Social changes also sprung out from the Crusades. It was one of the primary and the most important nurturing stimulus of the code of chivalry. Intensified and re-enforced contact and communication with Eastern influences also were refined during this period. The religious war reformed the crusaders’ intellectual beliefs and ideas as well. They liberalized their mentality, and encouraged them to venture out from castles and villages to go and explore grand urban towns and cities, magnificent palaces, marvelous clothing, and stylish and graceful etiquette. These people came home with enhanced preferences, widened beliefs and views about the world. Because of the crusades, a new world was opened in front of them. The motivation given to geographical breakthrough that changed the entire concept and thinking of the way the world was directed different explorers, such as the notable Italian Marco Polo who discovered the beauty of China, rousing the adventures and voyages of Vasco de Gama, Magellan and Christopher Columbus, may possibly be tracked back to the vigorous awareness in geographical subjects. Jerry Ciacho November 20, 2011 The Black Death The Black Death, the immense outburst of the Bubonic Plague, was indeed among the most terrible and devastating blows in all of history. It wiped out more than a hundred million people, eating into cities and towns, encroaching with a steady but unbelievably rapid stride but hit its upmost death toll in Europe during the Middle Ages between 1348 and 1350. Many believe this global virulent disease initially came from China. The bubonic plague for the most part affected only rodents, but fleas started to spread the disease to people. China was the bustling trading center of the world and with the outbreak, it was bound to extend to Western Asia and the rest of Europe. Reaching the shores of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Crusades: The Muslim Perspective
major participants of the Crusades are the crusaders on the western side and the Muslims on the eastern front. In this context, a consideration of Margaret Jubb’s “The Crusaders’ Perceptions of their Opponents,” and Helen Nicholson’s “Muslims’ Reactions to the Crusades,” contribute to a deeper understanding of the issue.
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Women and Children of the Crusades
WOMEN AND CHILDREN OF THE CRUSADES Name Class April 20, 2012 The year 1212 has been marked as one of the most remarkable of all crusades, because it was the year of the Children’s Crusade. Munro and Hansbery complain about the lack of resources with credibility on this particular crusade.
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Quiz II The Crusades
Despite the role of today’s leaders to strike harmony in the two religions, it is still impossible because during the earlier crusades popes and bishops killed others for domination. First Crusade In the High Middle Ages and Late Middle Ages, societies witnessed religious conflicts called the Crusades started by the Latin Catholic Church to safeguard Christian interests.
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The Crusades as a Religious Endeavor
The military expeditions, known as the Crusades, launched between 1095 and 1291 were initially undertaken in an effort to recover control of Asia Minor by regaining and retaining the 'Holy Land" (Palestine) from the Muslims. Church unity was being decimated in this area, and appeals made to Pope Gregory VII were passed on to Pope Urban II ("Crusades in the Levant", 2000).
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The Crusades
The Crusades The Crusades were the holy wars of the Christians to take back lands forcibly taken by the invading Muslims. The research focuses on the origins of the Crusades. The research includes the political, economic, and social aspect of the contest. The Crusades theme focuses on the evolution of the crusades (an evolution over time) to curtail the rapidly expanding Muslim empire.
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The age of the crusades
Peter) or milites Christi (knights of Christ). They considered themselves pilgrims or those who are undertaking a journey to the Holy Land, though wearing weapon was prohibited for the pilgrims. Like pilgrims, each crusader swore at vow (a votus), and prayed for successful reaching Jerusalem.
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The Crusades
This was instigated by Robert of Couron in France and Oliver of Cologne in Germany and with the declaration of Fourth Lateran Council in 1215; Innocent III laid down the plan of recovering the holy land. After the death of Innocent in 1216 Pope Honorius III took up the mantle and "organized crusading armies led by Leopold VI of Austria and Andrew II of Hungary.
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The crusades
“...considered to be an Allegorical Parallel between the Idealism of Numbers and Letters and the various parts of the Universe, and it
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The Crusades

Crusades were holy wars to free Jerusalem, the holy city of Christians from the Turks’ occupation. After a request from Byzantine Emperor, Alexis II,  Pope Urban II exhorted Christian from the other European States to fight against the Turks. After the sermon of Pope, the Christians launched crusades against Turks.

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Results of the Crusades Essay
This practice was dangerous to both people as well as the lands of Christians. So in order to save the land and religion of Christians , the warfare energy between lords and knights were directed to Muslim crusade
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