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The Reasons for the Fall of the Inca Empire - Essay Example

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Name Professor Course Date The reasons for the fall of the Inca Empire The term inka refers to a ruler and is used in reference to the classes of people ruling the empire. This was the biggest kingdom in the era before the colonial period in South America…
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The Reasons for the Fall of the Inca Empire
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"The Reasons for the Fall of the Inca Empire"

Download file to see previous pages The people in this kingdom used assimilations to incorporate the majority of the western part of south America. They also used violence to spread their rule within the region. The kingdom was spread from the mountains in Andrea to Ecuador over to Bolivia and into the countries of Chile and Columbia. Their official language was called Quechua though many dialects of the language were spoken. The people of the kingdom worshipped the sun god and considered their king as a son of the sun god. 2 Most of the people in the kingdom were pastoralists. After the attack and occupation of the Spaniards on the capital, Cusco, the Inca people constructed other strongholds in the towns of Vilcabamba along with Vitcos. The fall of the Inca Empire came as a result of their defeat in war by the Spaniards among many other reasons. The Spaniards had already managed to conquer the Indians of Mexico in the year 1519 under the leadership of Hernan Cortes. 3 The Incas though had no information concerning the conquest of the Indians. The Inca people only realized that the white man was around in the years between 1523 to 1525. There was an attack by the Spaniards accompanied by the Indians of central Mexico and under the leadership of Alejo Garcia, a Spaniard, on the Inca at Gran Chaco. This helped in creating awareness among the Inca of the white man’s presence.4 In the year 1527, an outbreak of small pox affected the people of the empire leaving very devastating effects on the community. The Inca’s leader known as Huayna Capac passed away in the same year leaving a very large kingdom that encountered many wrangles on his progression. The leader had 500 boys and two of them seemed the favorites to succeed their father. They were Huascar and Atahualpa who resided in Cusco.5 This culminated in the outbreak of a civil unrest that lasted for a period of five years due to the power struggles between the brothers. The war was fought between two factions each being led by either of the step brothers. Atahualpa won the war but his victory did not last long enough. This is because after two weeks the Spaniard Pizzarro arrived for his second trip to the region accompanied by one hundred and seventy seven men. Among these men only sixty seven of them were soldiers and they arrived in the year 1532 at Tumbes.6 The Inca leadership under Atahualpa had precise information concerning the whereabouts of the Spaniards.7 They however made faulty interpretations of the details since they were told that the white’s guns were only thunderbolts which could fire twice. Their soldiers were also told to that the whites man horses were not appropriate at night. 8 They claimed that the horse and the man were the same thing and the survival of one depended on the other. This implied that if one of them fell, the other was completely useless. The Inca people were also led into believing that the Spanish swords would do no harm to them. The perpetrators of this propaganda claimed that their swords were just as inefficient like a woman’s plank used for weaving purposes. The Spanish people did not however attack immediately.9 They invited the Inca leader, Atahualpa, to visit in their walled city and the leader foolishly walked into their trap. He was accompanied by many of his tribesmen though they were unarmed. They came in this condition as a result of being convinced by a Christian priest and a demigod of the Inca. The Spaniards laid an ambush on the Inca’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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