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Friendliness as a Moral Value: Political Science - Essay Example

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Friendliness as a moral virtue Your Instructor Friendliness as a moral virtue Moral virtues are deciphered as habits that are by deliberate choice disposed toward action. They are viewed as intermediates between two vices, one of deficiency while the other of excess…
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Friendliness as a Moral Value: Political Science
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Download file to see previous pages The primary means to be termed virtuous is by acting virtuously. Neither according to Aristotle, nature nor contrary to nature initiates virtue formation in an individual, but they are received by nature and perfected through habituation. Education and law have been considered as fundamental in creation of a virtuous citizen (Aristotle 2011, 103). Though, virtues are difficult to achieved, Aristotle perceives that being conscious of vices one is likely inclined to and avoiding of vices that are the direct opposite of virtues offers a better chance of being virtuous. Possession of a virtue is dissimilar to having a skill, because, rather than the external action, the fixed implication of the action is what counts. Also, the stable and fixed state that forms the basis of the action also accounts. The following paper discuses friendliness as a virtue. According to Aristotle, the state of being open to other people constitutes the moral virtue of friendliness (Aristotle 2002, 63). It entails the risk of creating relationship with people you are not familiar with and allowing yourself to be interdependent and vulnerable. Friendliness causes individuals to initiate friendship amongst themselves. Friendship or rather “philia” is described Aristotle as the principles of virtue and goodness. Recognition of virtues among people is viewed as the reason as to why people become friends. The nature of friendship is determined by the motive with which individuals initiate friendship. Friendliness causes individuals to interact freely and share their experiences. It is argued that true friendship initiates a feeling of affection and care among human beings (Aristotle 1999, 211). The virtue causes people to appreciate and understand each other. Moreover, mutual concern for other people’s well being is characterized friendliness in human beings. Furthermore, Aristotle is of the opinion that friendliness triggers individual to develop respect and mutual trust. Nevertheless, cooperation and mutual support are generated by friendliness among individuals. Commitment between two individuals result in friendship that is stable than those people who become friends by believing that they can be of some use to each other in the course of time. Friendliness is discussed alongside two vices which constitutes its extremes but as an intermediary it is laudable than the two extremes. This is a virtue that people will be put highly appreciated upon its manifestation. It enables an individual to dislike in a rightful way, right things (Aristotle 1934, 431). Obsequiousness is defined as an excess of friendliness. It describes individuals who never oppose and take pride in pleasure praising everything. They perceive that it is not their duty to inflict pain to others either in either interchange of deeds and words, social life, or gatherings. On the contrary, cantankerous, contentious, and churlish is used to describe persons that do not care about casing pain and counter everything. A person, who displays the mean virtue, is more affectionate thus constitutes a good friend. Friendliness differs from friendship because no affection or passions are implied in the associations. The distinction emanates from the fact that the decision involved for one to be termed as having a virtue of friendliness does no stem from reason of hating or loving (Aristotle 2011, 35). Friendliness cau ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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