Enlightenment and the Great Awakening - Essay Example

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In the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, colonial America experienced a number of changes both in its political and economic setting. This was as a result of the cities and the seaports which the colonial powers had concentrated themselves in…
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Enlightenment and the Great Awakening
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"Enlightenment and the Great Awakening"

Download file to see previous pages Such changes made North America to become a great contributor in the colonial America’s economy. As a result of the major changes taking place in the cities, there was an increase in the rural urban migration. This was attributed to the fact that there was need for them to search for employment in the industries that had been established in the urban areas. The growth of the plantations also encouraged the migration as the plantations required laborers. There were numerous productions of raw materials for the factories and this maximized production by the industries. As a result there was a continued intake of laborers a step that made it impossible to eradicate rural urban migration.
During the same period, North America experienced revivals in terms of religion, government and human nature. The role of enlightenment was to focus on challenging the existing religious standards and the divine rights that had been adopted by the people. It was through accepting the religious beliefs and tolerance among different individuals that they could be able to successfully experience enlightenment. It was through religion that they could be able to unify themselves. That is why they argued that religion was the opium of society an avenue through which individuals would understand each other. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What effect did the Enlightenment and the Great Awakening have on life in British North America
...?What effect did the Enlightenment and the Great Awakening have on life in British North America? During the seventeenth century native inhabitants of America were uncivilized and they used to wear small skirts made up of leaves just covering their loins and they used bows and arrows for hunting and fighting purpose. The Indians were generally huntsmen, traders, arbiters and also acted sometimes as enforcers of trade for other tribes which created economic pressure and opportunity, leading to beaver wars. But their economy was dependent on the external trade and supply to foreign markets. The natives were also very much concerned with their beliefs, authority of their tribal chiefs, the...
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U.S History: Great Awakening
...?PART I Great Awakening Great Awakening was an unplanned sequence of protestant revivals. The fists round of awakening took place during the 1930s inEngland, but this made a significant weight on the residents of Virginia between 1750s and 1760s. The awakening was introduced in Northampton by Jonathan Edwards, who was the minister for the local congregational. This exceptional evangelical outburst distorted the course of the America history (p. 124). Whiskey Rebellion This crisis erupted when a group of farmers from Pennsylvania complained against introduction of an allegedly unfair federal excise tax, which was imposed on distilled...
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The Great Awakening
...? The Great Awakening. The Great Awakening. The Great Awakening refers to the wave of religious revival which swept through the American colonies between the 1730s and the 1770s. This “ revival was part of a much broader movement, an evangelical upsurge taking place simultaneously on the other side of the Atlantic, most notably in England, Scotland, and Germany” (Heyrman, 2009). This revitalization of religion may be seen as an Age of Faith born in reaction to the Age of Enlightenment, in which logic and scientific reason superseded religious belief and dogma. The Great Awakening had its...
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...Enlightenment versus Modernist The enlightenment age’s view of reality was one of self reasoning. The age of enlightenment was prior to the modernist age in the early to middle 18th century. During this time individuals reasoned out problems, art, literature, and science based on logical reasoning. The modernist thought was based more on self interpretation. For example, a bird was a bird to an individual in the enlightenment age, but to a modernist the bird could stand for freedom. The enlightenment movement based reality on facts, whereas the modernist based reality on personal feeling. Three modernists, Nietzsche, Freud, and Kafla, will show how personal feeling or interpretation dictated the modernist period in contrast... to an...
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The history of the Great Awakening
.... This paper analyses the history and significance of Great Awakening. The Great Awakening arose at a time when man in Europe and the American colonies were questioning the role of the individual in religion and society. It began at the same time as the Enlightenment which emphasized logic and reason and stressed the power of the individual to understand the universe based on scientific laws. Similarly, individuals grew to rely more on a personal approach to salvation than church dogma and doctrine (Kelly) According to Professor Kidd (2009),“In the generation before awakening, the rivalry between Anglicans and dissenters was sharp....
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Enlightenment or the Great Awakening
...The Great Awakening Effect on the Colonies. The Great Awakening refers to the movement of religious revival which swept over the American Colonies, particularly New England, between 1730 and 1745. It was characterized by great religious fervor and prayer. It had a profound effect on the ideological development of the colonies and paved the way for the American Revolution. The Great Awakening: Effect on the Colonies. The Great Awakening had its roots in England. The Glorious Revolution of 1688 unequivocally established the religious preeminence of the Church of England. This led to a...
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...Enlightenment Both Frederic II and Joseph II were great leaders who championed significant reforms during their period of leadership. Frederic II was a king in Prussia, which belonged to the Hohenzollern dynasty in the period between 1740 and 1786. Similarly, Joseph II was a ruler in Hasburg lands during the period between 1765 and 1790. In this regard, this essay will highlight the significant reforms initiated by the two leaders that had great impact on the society. To start with, Frederic II initiated significant administrative, social and economical reforms in Prussia. Firstly, Frederic II promoted enlightened absolutism where rulers were encouraged to make decisions...
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The Great Awakening
...History In America, great awakening begun in the year the 1730s and lasted for a longer period until 1743. Due the pocketsof revivalism that had occurred prior in the ministry of Solomon and the grandfather of Jonathan Edwards. The emergence of the rivalry resulted in the involvement of the Edwards congregation being involved in the differences that were termed to be “Frontier Rivals”. Despite these rivalries by the religious leaders and the group, a religious historian Sydney E. Ahlstrom stood firm and made sure that Great Awakening will still come. The great British evangelist, George Whitefield, was assisting him. The arrival of Whitefield made a...
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Second Great Awakening and Women Activism
...Second Great Awakening and Women Activism Introduction The Second Great Awakening had occurred in United States, during 19th century. This movement had gained momentum after 1820, when rate of membership increased amongst Methodist and Baptist congregations. The movement mainly reflected upon Romanticism, which encompassed several factors such as enthusiasm, super-natural appeal and emotion. There were millions of people who enrolled into this new movement. The Second Great Awakening effectively rejected rationalism, cold-hearted skepticism and deism, which were portrayed by Enlightenment. There were new reform movements established by the Second Great Awakening in order to provide remedy for an evil act. Women participation... and...
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1st Great Awakening of the 18th Century
... 1st Great Awakening of the 18th Century As early as the 16th century the church was established when the Virginia legislature made governmental support of the Anglican Church in America. However, many people by that time lacked interest in religious matters and only a few portion of the population attended church services. It took almost twenty years later after the establishment of the church in the state of Virginia for the creation of the first local clergy. The ‘1st great awakening’ refers to the revitalization of religion-piety that swept across the America States in the late 17th -18th century. The events in America were prompted by the religious activities and upsurge occurring on the other side of Atlantic in England... a...
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