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Second Great Awakening and Women Activism - Essay Example

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The writer of the essay "Second Great Awakening and Women Activism" aims to analyze Second Great Awakening and Women Activism which had occurred in the US, during the 19th century and effectively rejected rationalism, cold-hearted skepticism, and deism, which were portrayed by Enlightenment…
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Second Great Awakening and Women Activism
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"Second Great Awakening and Women Activism"

Download file to see previous pages A female antislavery society was formed by some reformers so as to ensure that women are not ill-treated in the society. American slavery was regarded as a sin against God mainly by female reformers. On the contrary, Congregational Church had denounced abolitionist efforts which were undertaken publicly by women. The social influences were used by females in order to focus on Christian benevolence objects and promoting piety. It has been proclaimed by critics that her tone changes when she assumes to be a public reformer like the man. Female reformers eventually tend to become ostentatious and obtrusive. The charm linked with domestic life is lost when women loose such modesty, which constitutes the real societal influence by women. Sarah Grimke was another female reformer, who had stated her point against the criticism. Grimke sisters had the strong belief on evils related to slavery, after being converted to Quakerism. Sarah Grimke clearly defines in her letter that women have the capability to identify causes behind dangers. This capability is hindered when men feel that women are ruining their modesty by becoming public reformers. She further argued by saying, the New Testament highlights the influence and appropriate duties of women, which can also be regarded as the origin of mighty power. The sense of morality in women had been adversely affected by men in terms of interpreting duties of women. This debate was extended to sayings of Holy Bible, where God has not differentiated amongst human beings. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Women activism, 1700-1877
...culture, the publication of Mary Rowlandson’s book Sovereignty and Goodness of God (1682) can be regarded as a strong approach towards celebration of women activism. Publication of the book not only asserted equal intellectual capacity of a woman with her male counterparts but also the spirit of American feminism also became evident. Quite likewise as that of the European context, rise of women activism was not accepted positively by American patriarchy was evident from the infamous Salem Witch Trial (1692). However, later on (1730-70) the situation became positive for women due to the Great Awakening and...
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...Day Saint movement etc were some of the protestant churches formed during this period. Charles Granison Finney was one of the pioneers of second great awakening. He has stressed the importance of leading a perfect life or a life without sins during this period. He succeeded in converting thousands of non-believers in to believers because of his electrifying speeches. Abolition of slavery, women rights, problems of alcoholic drinks, etc were some of the topics used in the second Awakening period to gather public attention. The third Great awakening started during the latter half of the nineteenth...
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... 1st Great Awakening of the 18th Century As early as the 16th century the church was established when the Virginia legislature made governmental support of the Anglican Church in America. However, many people by that time lacked interest in religious matters and only a few portion of the population attended church services. It took almost twenty years later after the establishment of the church in the state of Virginia for the creation of the first local clergy. The ‘1st great awakening’ refers to the revitalization of religion-piety that swept across the America States in the late 17th -18th century. The events in America were prompted by the religious activities and upsurge occurring on the other side of Atlantic in England... , 2003)....
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