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This paper "Background on one of the Writers of the Federalist Papers - Alexander Hamilton" focuses on the fact that Alexander Hamilton, alongside such luminaries as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson is rightly considered as a founding father of the United States of America. …
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Background on One of the Writers of the Federalist Papers - Alexander Hamilton
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Download file to see previous pages When one makes an analysis of Hamilton’s biography, some pertinent links between his childhood experience and later political development can be made. Even going by the upbringing standards of the late 18th century, Hamilton has had a chaotic and tumultuous early life. The discord and separation between his parents Rachel Faucett Lavien and James A. Hamilton; and the fact that he was an illegitimate child seemed to have left a profound mark on the formative psyche of young Alexander Hamilton. Having been brought up by his mother during his early years, he was adopted by his cousin upon her sudden demise in 1768. But his cousin Peter Lytton too committed suicide subsequently, essentially leaving Hamilton as an orphan. It is perhaps, these traumatic early events in life which shaped Hamilton’s view of family and society and drew him closer to capitalist ideology and the material security it promised. Seen in this backdrop, it is easy to understand some of Hamilton’s later political ideas, especially in the domain of economic systems and the role of the treasury. (Sylla,, 2009, p.61) While Hamilton contributed to all aspects of government formulation, he is best remembered for his role in designing the young nation's economic system. During and after his lifetime Hamilton was overshadowed by his more popular adversary Thomas Jefferson. While Jefferson's dominant image persists today, “the irony is that Hamilton's concept of the federal government, not Jefferson's, is what has evolved and endures” (White 2000, 186). This is particularly valid with respect to the country's economic system and the organization of its constituent agencies such as the U.S. Treasury. Hamilton could rightly be considered a visionary, who saw the importance of economic growth and technological innovation. His state papers on the subject of the economy are considered by modern scholars to be a monumental effort “toward establishing a rational basis for planning and legislation; his Report on Manufacturers and his advocacy of federal public works are remarkably modern descriptions of the relationship between government and technology” (White 2000, 186). Again, when one looks for reasons for Hamilton’s high erudition, it is available in his childhood years. In the Caribbean Islands where he spent most of his early years, the overall standard of education and culture is not advanced, as these islands were primarily exploited as arable plantation lands. Added to this disadvantage, Hamilton’s parents and guardians were also not constant in his life.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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