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The United States Constitution and the debates over the merits of the constitution - Research Paper Example

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The federalism mode of government has been in the United States ever since the country gained independence and the founding fathers found a need to unite the vast country. They had several options among them and having a central government was just one of those options. However,…
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The United States Constitution and the debates over the merits of the constitution
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Extract of sample "The United States Constitution and the debates over the merits of the constitution"

Download file to see previous pages So these individuals had to come up with a government that not only stood for the sovereignty of the nation but which listened and acted on people’s worries and grievances. This was no simple role to accomplish and the best minds had to evaluate the main systems around the world to get that which would serve the country. Unfortunately, none represented the actual model that would govern the now vast American nation. 2The government model available to follow was the British one which obviously most readily understood the Britons themselves having introduced aspects of their systems in America. This however presented what these individuals feared would be inequitable distribution of power.
However at the time, one thing was obvious; the system chosen for the people had to be representative of the people and had to be a choice of the people. This had been the wave at the time especially after the defeat of the monarchy system in Britain at the beginning of the century through the Glorious revolution which had prompted a parliamentary system in governance of countries.
This mystery led to the establishment of a system that besides representing the people at the grassroots there would also be a national system that the people identified the state with. This led to the introduction of the federal system which sought to have overlapping governments, overlapping in the sense that the people at the lowest level would choose their respective leaders who would in turn participate in electing leaders of a higher level. This would translate to the national level; the national level is what was to be referred to as the federal government.
Was a strong proponent of the federalist system which among other things sought to establish a central government? This central government would in turn oversee the implementation of the American constitution which was to guide the activities as well as participation and association of people and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The United States Constitution and the Debates over the Merits of the Research Paper.
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