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It serves as the sacred bond that ties the people of America together (Hamilton, 295). However, the present confederation is not sufficient to preserve the union. There are various indicators that the…
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Hamilton summary
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Hamilton Summary Union is very important for the safety and happiness of the American peoples. It serves as the sacred bond that ties the people of America together (Hamilton, 295). However, the present confederation is not sufficient to preserve the union. There are various indicators that the federation has failed. The insufficiency is exposed by the fact that there are debts owed to foreigners and to the local citizens (Hamilton, 295). In addition, the possession of the country’s territories and vital posts by foreigners, and the inability of the country to repel foreign aggressions, add to the insufficiency of the confederation (Hamilton, 297). The country has not been able to maintain commerce or command respect from other countries, which would be a major step towards safeguarding the country against encroachments (Hamilton, 298). Most significant is the poverty and disorder that threatens to tear the country apart, while it is endowed with great natural advantages. Therefore, the councils and maxims that hinder the adoption of the proposed constitution are the main obstacles towards the achievement of American union (Hamilton, 299). The maxims work towards denying US government the energy it requires, by advocating for the sovereignty of the member states. This is dangerous since it would create a situation of state alliances and rivalry against one another, demolishing the unity of the people and jeopardizing the achievements of togetherness (Hamilton, 296). There are many challenges associated with a federalist government. However, the only solution towards avoiding the creation of a League of Nations, and instead preserve the union, is to adopt a government, which has the overall authority over the states (Hamilton, 299).
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Hamilton, Alexander. Selected Federalist and anti Federalist Papers. Mineola, N.Y: Dover Publications, 2001. 295-300. Print. Read More
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