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The causes of the Civil War - Essay Example

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Today the American Civil War represents one of the most important conflicts in the history of the United States. While the war itself only lasted from 1861-1865, the effects have been felt significantly throughout the United States since…
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The causes of the Civil War
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"The causes of the Civil War"

Download file to see previous pages Today the American Civil War represents one of the most important conflicts in the history of the United States. While the war itself only lasted from 1861-1865, the effects have been felt significantly throughout the United States since. In addition to enacting significant death tolls on both the Northern and Southern participants, the political ramifications of the conflict were truly revolutionary as they resulted in the emancipation of slaves throughout the country. While ostensibly the Civil War was a direct result of then President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, declaring the abolishment of slavery, upon further inspection it’s clear there are a number of complex causes behind the war. This essay considers the various causes to the Civil War in an attempt to gain a broader understanding of their political implications. Perhaps the primary catalyst behind the Civil War was the economic differences between the Northern and Southern states. While industrialization had enacted factory production and similar means of economic subsistence in the Northern states, the Southern states had evolved along a different path. Within the Southern regions, where the climate encouraged more agricultural means of production, the economy had become almost entirely reliant on cotton production. Within this spectrum of existence, cheap labor was essential to ensure the economy functioned, so slavery became a key part of Southern existence. In addition to embracing slavery, the Northern modes of city-life encouraged greater means of interaction between the social classes. As a result, it’s argued that Northern regions evolved more progressive views on the social hierarchy, while the Southern regions remained in an antiquated order (Chambers 1999). This would led to conflicting perspectives that would eventually mount, greatly contributing to the opposing regions engaging in warfare. Another pivotal aspect that contributed to the start of the Civil War was general disagreements on political policy between the Northern and Southern regions. In these regards, one of the primary disagreements was between the belief the Southern belief that states should be primarily responsible for determining legal policy, versus the Northern view that the Federal government should be the primary decision maker in these matters. One of the primary arguments was advanced by politician John C Calhoun and referred to as nullification. This would give states the power to nullify laws that were passed by the Federal Government. As it became clear that such a measure would not be allowed, the Southern states moved toward seceding from the Union (Jones 1999). Ultimately, this would be a primary influence in bringing the Southern states to war. Another primary political issue was the moral disagreement between individuals that supported slavery and those that were vehemently opposed to it. As slavery had become a long-entrenched aspect of the American economic landscape, even as growing concern over its immoral aspects mounted it became increasingly difficult to break the nation from these past practices. With the Louisiana Purchase, the United States gained a large portion of land in the Western United States. The Federal Government deemed that new states admitted to the Union through this land would be free from slavery, placing increased pressure on the Southern states that embraced slavery to move toward abolishment. In addition to these aspects, tension began to emerge between the Southern and Northern states regarding slave laws. With laws such as the Compromise of 1850, Federal officials in southern and northern regions were forced to arrest fugitive slaves, or else themselves be arrested or fined (Gienapp 2001). Laws such as this caused tension with Northern individuals that believed these laws violated general human rights. In addition, there existed a growing abolitionist movement of political revolutionaries that sought to end slavery through protesting and sometimes violent means. These ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Causes of the American Civil War
Conversely, most Southerners believed that the North had bad intentions for their land and policies (Gordon, 2002). Though the causes of the civil war are diverse, the main factors can be summarized in four main points. These reasons are divided into the perceived conspiracy by the South and the apparent intentions of the South towards the North’s liberty issues.
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Analysis: Causes of the Civil War
In this essay two such interpretations will be reviewed and compared. The intent is to analyze these specifically in comparison to each other. The first reference is a book titled, “A Patriot's History of the United States: From Columbus's Great Discovery to the War on Terror,” the second is an article in the Washington Post titled “Five myths about why the South seceded.” Immediately apparent is the differences in political views of the authors, the book are written from an intensely conservative viewpoint and the article is written from a more liberal approach.
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Causes of the Civil War
The American Civil War, which is also known as the War Between the States, is considered as one of the most essential historical turning points in the social, political, and economical aspect of the country. It had caused enormous social and political changes in the country that had brought new meaning to unity and the emancipation of slavery.
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Causes of the civil war
The thirteen different states developed a loose confederation whose federal government was very weak. With the increase in problems, the Articles’ weaknesses placed a need for the leaders to unite at the Constitutional Convention
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Causes of the Civil War
Nevertheless, scientists believe that but for the slavery, this war would have never started. This is true, however there are a number of other stimuli, which should not be left unnoticed. This fact is explained by Kenneth Stampp (1992) Because the
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The causes of the civil war
ng gap in the ideals and goals of the North and the South, slavery came to the forefront as the emotionally charged issue that could mobilize public opinion. In fact, with the exception of a few vocal abolitionists, most Northerners were lukewarm and indifferent to the slavery
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Causes of American Civil War
The south had large cotton plantation owners who wanted slavery to continue for economic reasons. The north was increasing in population and also steadily industrializing. In the initial years, the south controlled the federal government. However, with industrialization and a growing population, the north was becoming equally or more powerful.
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Causes of the Civil War
w World, which is America, during the 1800’s are used as laborers and servants; therefore a property of the landowners, which eventually became the cause of the American Civil War (Halsey & Shores 1966-1972). Civil unrests building up to a great extend usually results to a
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Causes of the Civil War
The purpose of this paper is to discuss and analyze the causes of the Civil War and explain why these causes could result in the war. There are some causes of the American Civil War. The main direct ones are "the differences between the industrial North and the agricultural South and the issue of paid labor in the North versus slave labor in the South" (American History - Overview).
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Causes of the Civil War Activity
The differences among the occupants of the two regions ranged from soft issues like the role of women in the society to hard issues like the future of slavery (McNeese, 2001). This short essay will analyze the causes of differences in perception between the
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