The Economic Relationship between the North and the South Prior to the Civil War - Literature review Example

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An author of the document "The Economic Relationship between the North and the South Prior to the Civil War" attempts to summarize the standing economic competition between the north and the south of the United States of America that preceded the Civil War…
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The Economic Relationship between the North and the South Prior to the Civil War
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Extract of sample "The Economic Relationship between the North and the South Prior to the Civil War"

The culture and point of view of the two regions differ greatly, thus, the conflict ensued. The North had more population but it also had more railroad mileage, iron and steel production, and even other factories. Even the value of the exports of the North is greater than the South. These are indications of a more advanced region, thus, according to data gathered, the North also has more wealth. On the other hand, the South has the larger lands thus it is more attached to slavery that the North that operated on the agricultural and farming economy.
Based on the study of the causes of the Civil War, slavery is considered as one of the main factors that affected the differences in the economic state between the North and the South. Prior to the 1800s, the South was able to have more lands due to the rule that every slave under a land owner was equated to additional land approximately 50 acres or more. Due to this benefit, the South depended on slavery for its economy. But the abolition and the fight of the North for anti-slavery resulted in the clash with the South. The difference in the quality of land and climate between the North and the South led the North to explore other economic resources other than land. For that matter, slavery became less and less needed in the North.
Prior to the Civil War then, the early part of the history of the US is composed of the standing economic competition between the north and the south based on different issues, one of the most influential of which is slavery. The need for consensus between the two regions resulted in the Civil War. After the war, a clearer manner of deciding about different issues of the country became the foundation of the present-day US. Read More
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