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US Historical Analysis on cause of US Civil War - Research Paper Example

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Even prior to the war coming to an end, scholars both from the North and the South had started to analyze and interpret the cause behind the Civil War. They immediately disagreed over the main…
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US Historical Analysis on cause of US Civil War
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Extract of sample "US Historical Analysis on cause of US Civil War"

Download file to see previous pages 48 percent believed that the war was primarily on the rights of the state while 38 percent believed that the war was mostly based on slavery. The rest believed both or neither of the causes precipitated the wari (Holden, 2009).
Every state within the Confederacy issued an “Article of Secession,” which declared their withdrawal from the Union. Four states Mississippi, Texas, South Carolina and Georgia all gave supplementary documents which are usually known to as the “Declaration of Causes” ii(Holden, 2009). These documents clarify the states’ decision to withdraw from the Union.
There are two key themes of slavery and the rights of the state that come up in these documents. All of the fours states powerfully defend slavery as they make different claims linked to the rights of the state iii(Loewen, 2011).
On slavery, it is believed that the North was not willing to tolerate slavery as a part of the US society structure and that it was the intention of the political power brokers to stop slavery in the entire Union iv(Loewen, 2011). Thus, according to most individuals, slavery is the main issue that explains the causes of the Civil War. Historians often talk on two diverse issues: the underlying causes of Civil War and personal motivations. The convictions that motivated men to put their life in danger for their country are not similar to the policies that thrust the country into war.
By historians arguing that slavery resulted to Civil War, they are contending that the presence of “peculiar institution” made the resolving of political, economic and constitution problems impossible v(Tessa, 2013). However, critics argue that those problems that were under states’ rights were the real causes of the Civil War. There is no reason for not believing the real words of the Southerners about why they went into Civil War against the Union vi(Tewell, 2012). In addition, contrary to the belief of most people, most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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