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Civil War - Essay Example

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Your name Civil War Introduction The Civil War took place in America as a result of a bitter conflict that was sectional among its states. The war broke out after 11 states from the south declared that they had withdrawn their membership from the union and had formed their own ‘Confederate States’ of America after the election of President Abraham Lincoln in 1860…
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Civil War
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"Civil War"

Download file to see previous pages The Union used its military to bring the economy of the South to a stand still through having the coast blockaded. In addition, it took control of Mississippi and the Tennessee River system from the west as well as the Atlanta and captured the entire territory from Georgia to the Carolinas. The strategy from the east was to capture Richmond, which was under the supervision of Robert Lee before he was forced to surrender by Grant. This decisive Northern victory was followed by a Reconstruction period. By the time the war was over, approximately 970, 000 citizens had been left as casualties with more than 560,000 dead. The leading cause of the war, the nature of its outcome as well as its name have all remained topics of discussions and controversies since then (Cobbs 414). It is believed that the origin of the Civil War can only be traced within the complicated issues of politics, slavery and conflicts arising between the State’s rights scope and the federal powers, modernization, economics, sectionalism, expansionism, and Antebellum period competing nationalism. Despite the disagreements among historians on the causative events of the war and its relative importance, they all agree on the effects the war. War is considered as the most destructive consequent of the political mechanism of man and his ambitions. While all wars are taken as being equally horrific, one war that will always stand out of the rest is the Civil War. Taking place between 1861 and 1865, the war is remembered as being the deadliest war ever witnessed in the history of America. Reasons Why the North won the War Between the participating parts; the Northern States and the Southern States, the Union emerged as the victors and this victory has been associated with several reasons; The Northern States outnumbered their counterparts making the Southern unable to match the advancing force from the north. The north enjoyed a majority of States with the Union having at least 20 pure states while the South had only 11 states. This ensured that the Union’s manpower was greater thus automatically countering the strength of the Confederate army. The Northern State also had far much bigger number of soldiers approximated to be above 2, 400, 000 while the Southern States having an inferior number of soldiers that was bellow 1, 000, 000 (Boyer 500). The other factor that gave the Union an age over the Confederate was the industry superiority of the Union. Its industrial position ensured that the Northern States had more financial resources and money to see them through the war. This financial status meant that the union was well–off when it came to supplying its troops with arms which ensured that they kept fighting, constantly received medical attention and food supply was readily available. The industrial strength of the Union was far much superior. This was characterized a better number industries and factories that offered the necessary fuel, ammunition and weaponry equipment. The Southern States on the other hand were mostly plantation and cotton owners with insufficient advanced depots and suppliers (Cobbs 434). This left the south with limited supply and food resources as well as war equipment thus they had no chance of stopping the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Civil War
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