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American painting. Albert Bierstadt - Research Paper Example

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Albert Bierstadt was an oil painter and he did art that was focused on oil paintings. The art that is going to be focused on in this paper will be that he defined by the name of “The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak”…
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American painting. Albert Bierstadt
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Download file to see previous pages As a result, in this description, the main focus will be color and composition and how the artist used specific colors such as blue, brown, green and white in the composition of the oil painting. The emotion with regard to the picture will also be described with regard to the colors that the artist chose to primarily focus on. Analysis Color is one of the most important aspects in any artistic work. It aims to create the mood and set the emotion that the artist wants the viewer to figure out about. With regard to the art of choice “The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak” by Albert Bierstadt color is one of the most important aspects that the artist decided to focus upon so as to portray emotion. Colors such as blue, brown, green and white are used to portray very important emotion and the artist did exactly that with the oil painting. In addition to that, colors have three important characteristics which include hue which is related to the name of the color such as white, blue, green or white. The second property is color intensity that refers to the description if the color that the artist has used. For example, color intensity may be related to the nature of the color. The third property is related to value which means the lightness or darkness of the color that the artist had decided to focus on. More to the aspect of color, the oil painting by Albert Bierstadt, the composition is another important aspect. The art was based on Lander’s creek which is a mountain that is located in the Wyoming Range which is currently referred to as Wyoming. The peak of the mountain was names after Frederick W. Lander when the civil war in America happened. That is the reason why the oil painting has the aspect of a sharp pointed peak as it clearly describes what the Wyoming Range looked like exactly. In a description about the painting which was termed as, “Sharply pointed granite peaks and fantastically illuminated clouds float above a tranquil, wooded genre scene”1. Thus color and composition are important aspects in the history of American art. Conclusion In conclusion to this paper, it can be termed that color is a very important aspect in art. Art without color can be compared to art that has no life and nothing to showcase. Image Works cited Hyde, Anne F. (August 1993). "Cultural Filters: The Significance of Perception in the History of the American West". The Western Historical Quarterly (Western Historical Quarterly, Utah State University on behalf of The Western History Association) 24 (3): ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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