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xxxx Subject: History and Political Science    Topic: The Civil War 27 April, 2012 Civil War Civil war is an armed conflict that takes place between two or more nations, more or less of equivalent political governments, for sovereignty of a particular territory or for a legal control of a certain group of people, or both…
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Civil War
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"Civil War"

Download file to see previous pages Revolution is actually a change whereby legitimacy of one system is terminated and another originated within the same society, however, this change may not necessarily brought about by force or violence. History narrates the stories of several important revolutions e.g. revolutions in England and France of 1688 and 1848 respectively had not observed any military conflict. Scope of civil war is broad and it may accompany revolution, but in the great French Revolution, it only played a secondary part. Like revolution, civil war can also be distinguished from insurrection, which is a struggle from the bottom up, an uprising of a more or less politically unorganized group against an established authority. Civil war is horizontal, insurrection vertical, conflict which may result in huge numbers of fatalities and ineffective use of valuable resources (Hironaka, 2005, p.3). Classifications of Civil Wars The concept of war is as old as the human being is attached to religion, politics, and social reforms. Likewise, civil wars may also be classified in terms of these three aspects i.e. religion, political or strategic objectives, and social reforms. The rise of Protestantism caused a whole series of religious civil wars between 1550 and 1648. The civil wars in England between during the years 1641 to 1651, in the United States from 1861 to 1865, and in China from 1921 to1928, were political. The history of ancient Greece and Rome shows a whole series of social civil wars between rich and poor, aristocrats and plebians. The Russian civil war from 1918 to1921was primarily a social war between the upper class on the one hand and the city proletariat aided by the peasants on the other. Religious civil wars have usually been very bloody and ruthless. Social civil wars tend to resemble them in this respect; while political civil wars are commonly humane, as years ago. The Thirty Years War (1618-1648) primarily fought in Germany was indescribably ferocious; the recent civil war in Russia was marked by much cruelty; while the American Civil War was comparatively well controlled (Hironaka, 2005). Characteristics of Different Civil Wars The character of civil war varies considerably according to the type of political organization in the country in which it occurs. In unitary states civil war is likely to be amateurish and bungling in its early stages. The old government is weakened by the withdrawal of large numbers of its trained personnel, who then proceed to improvise an opposition government which does not at first function very efficiently. The English civil war of 1641 to 1651 and the American Civil War are cases in point (Keegan, 2009). In federated states, civil war closely resembles international war. Here organized functional governments already exist and the task of generating a civil war between them is relatively simple, especially when the nature of the federal bond approximates a league rather than a closer union. The Thirty Years War, the War of the Sonderbund in Switzerland in 1848, and the American Civil War afford varying instructions of the nature of the civil conflict in federated states. In his second inaugural address, Abraham Lincoln said “slavery was some how cause of the war” (Brook and Nurphy, 2009). Civil wars in colonial states are in general much like civil ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Greek Civil War
1). Background to the civil war was the political instable condition in the early twentieth century Greece when General Loannis Metaxas usurped power in a fascist way dictatorship, sowing the seeds of strife. After the death of Metaxas in 1941 there was no one to take control of Greece.
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Civil War Railroads
Further, the railroad provided a force multiplier for the Union in terms of enhancing industrialization and manpower. In this sense, nations were adaptable in terms of mobilizing and supplying large contingent of soldiers and resulted in the spread of warfare to other continents.
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Presentation on Civil War
However, in the history of the United States, since freeing themselves from British control, no war has ever been fought on American soil, accept one; the American Civil War. This war began when the Unions pressures to disband and do away with the slave industry that the south was entirely dependent upon.
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History: The Civil War
The states were divided between the North and the South. One of the main causes of the war was the difference in the economic strengths and manner of operations between the northern states and the southern states. While both regions were strongly agriculture, the northern states were more advanced in terms of commercial agriculture than the southern region.
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Civil war in Africa
Rebel factions and governments take part in protracted wars as each group tries to seize control of the vast mineral resources. On the other hand, lack of the resources can also lead to conflicts Somalia being a case in example (Weberisk, 2008). Natural resources have become an important source of revenue for warring groups since the end of Cold War (Cramer, 2006).
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Causes of the Civil War
They believed that if slavery was abolished in their states, then there was a likelihood of economic collapse. To counter this challenge to their economy, mainly from the northern states of the union, whose economies did not depend on slaves, the southern states declared themselves independent of the union and instead chose to create their own.
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Civil War
The main issue between them was slavery which the North wants abolished while the South wants it retained because social structure was based on the work of slaves in the southern plantations and its lifestyle. A war on an emotional issue as slavery may have its merits, since it abolished slavery forever all throughout the entire United States territories.
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Civil War
ng,” the controversy that goes deep to the causes of the war tells as much (Kurtz, 1985, p.130).With deep roots in the prevailing political and economic environment of the time, more so on the arrogance of sectional extremists and blundering politicians, it follows therefore
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Civil War
From a historical perspective, Reconstruction Era ensued immediately after the American civil war. It covered a period of 12 years from 1865-1877. Civil war took place in the Southern region, and emerged as an armed struggle between the Northern Union and the Southern states.
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Civil War Paper
It is primarily comprised of three ethnic groups, namely, Hutus, Tutsis and Twa pygmies with Hutus being the majority (about 88% of the population). Following World War II, Rwanda became a UN trust territory administered solely by the Belgians with a mandate to oversee independence.
6 Pages(1500 words)Research Paper
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