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Comparison of Eichmann as Portrayed by Arendt with Other Nazi War Criminals - Essay Example

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This paper "Comparison of Eichmann as Portrayed by Arendt with Other Nazi War Criminals" concerns itself with various people who are compelled to take part in certain activities that they do not intend. These can either be towards the right or wrong direction. An example is during war or Holocaust as was witnessed in the genocide against the Jews in Europe before and after the Second World War. …
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Comparison of Eichmann as Portrayed by Arendt with Other Nazi War Criminals
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"Comparison of Eichmann as Portrayed by Arendt with Other Nazi War Criminals"

Download file to see previous pages With this respect, the various judgments and analysis employed to understand the intentions and motivation of the Nazi surrogates to commit heinous crimes. These include Hannah Arendt’s portrait of Eichmann compared to the interviews conducted in Nuremberg on the other criminals of the Nazi war.
One of the analyses is provided by Hannah Arendt who was a German and Jewish politically based theorist and who before she moved to the United States had run away from German and France in the course of World War Two. She does this in her book titled “Eichmann and the Holocaust” which she wrote having been requested to analyze the trial of Adolf Eichmann. For that reason, she archetypes Adolf Eichmann; one of the Nazi Criminals to provide her comments on the Holocaust which she has been said to interpret as a challenge to the existence of human beings.
Arendt, as a way to interpret the Holocaust, decided to use and analyze only one of the individuals who took part. Her choice of Adolf Eichmann ‘s court testimony to give her judgment by making certain statements about him eludes a lot of controversies which results in the comparison of Eichmann to other criminals of the Nazi war. Certain people argue that she did not attend all sessions of Eichmann’s trial missing those where his actual character was exposed as well as those where he provided adequate evidence. On the other hand, most of her readers describe the book as lacking in taste and tact with her comments and judgments being related to her attitude towards the German-Jewish leaders in the community and her view on Zionism most of the time.
Contrary to the model employed by Arendt to analyze the Nazi war criminals, other people used different ways to find answers and provide justice to the Holocaust and its defendants. An example is Leon Goldensohn; a military psychiatrist who took part in the trials. He was a son of the Jews who were emigrants from Lithuania.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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