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Female Nazi War Criminals - Research Paper Example

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The holocaust that was inflicted upon European Jews by the Nazi administration was the most sadistic and systematic project of mass genocide that had ever mounted. Adolf Hitler has been held responsible for this, as one of the most sanguinary and psychotic leaders in history…
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Female Nazi War Criminals
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Extract of sample "Female Nazi War Criminals"

Download file to see previous pages It cannot be said that all these women had started their lives as ones who were capable of such awful deeds. Some were prompted to violence whereas others joined Nazi service as they thought of this to be a way out to escape from their lives that were mostly filled with poverty and hardships. Up to 3,200 women offered their duties in different concentration camps. Those who served as female guards were mostly low-to-middle class and they had little or at times no working experience. SS records also show that some of them served as hairdressers, matrons, tram conductors and retired teachers. Eventually, these women acted upon Hitlers message and as a result many people were brutally deprived of their lives by their hands (Clark, 1995).
When the fears, the carnage and the wide spread destruction associated with Nazi killing are discussed, a few merciless and cruel women have always attracted a lot of attention for their outrageous behaviors and brutal inflictions. There were low esteemed and notorious camp guards just like Irma Grese and Ilse Koch. In Poland’s region that was seized by the Nazis, another example of a heartless Erna Petri is seen, who was married to one of the Special Security officers and was later on convicted for the case that brought out the shooting incident of six Jewish young children. There is also the case of Johanna Altvater Zelle who served as a German assistant and was taken into custody for murdering a child in Volodymyr-Volynsky’s jail, a Ukrainian district that was also occupied by Nazis. Undoubtedly, the Nazi slaying mechanism was a male-dominating event. However, after analyzing the actual ratio in accordance with the latest outcomes, the amount of German females, who had participated in this holocaust, serving as guards, assistants and assassins, was far much higher than what was being estimated previously (Kershner, 2010).
Most of the staff members and workers from the Nazi concentration bases ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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