What was the turning point of the war (WWII) Stalingrad battle - Essay Example

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World War Two was the most violent event in world history. It lasted for six years and claimed tens of millions of lives. In its huge and complex history, it is possible to find sub-wars and regional theatres that have their own narratives…
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What was the turning point of the war (WWII) Stalingrad battle
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"What was the turning point of the war (WWII) Stalingrad battle"

World War Two was the most violent event in world history. It lasted for six years and claimed tens of millions of lives. In its huge and complex history, it is possible to find sub-wars and regional theatres that have their own narratives. In an event so enormous, is it possible to find a single turning point in which the war would have changed? The answer must be yes. The events surrounding the Battle of Stalingrad could have turned out very differently. If the Nazis had been able to breakthrough the Soviet resistance at that time, the Germans may have won. This was the single most important turning point of the Second World War. Stalingrad was a battle of epic proportions between Soviets and Nazis. A few years earlier, Hitler, at the height of his powers, had gone back on the Ribbentrop-Molotov agreement between Germany and the Soviet Union. Stalin had watched with unease as the Germans had taken over most of Europe. He wanted to avoid invasions, so he cut a deal with Hitler, dividing Poland and promising peace. From Hitler's point of view this was only a method of buying time. He wanted the Soviet oil fields and he wanted the Soviet territory. But although Hitler was a fan of German history, he would have done better to student French history and the disastrous consequences of Napoleon's invasion of Russia more than a hundred years earlier. Had he studied this campaign, he would have seen that armies invading Russia must be properly equipped and must be prepared for very difficult weather. Read More
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