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Name Class Professor Date Corruption in China The Peoples’ Republic of China was ranked position 80th out of 176 countries in the corruption list by the transparency international in 2012. This ranking placed one of the world’s biggest economies in the same position as three other countries; Serbia, Tobago and Trinidad…
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Corruption in China
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Download file to see previous pages Cases of grafts and bribery are everyday occurrences. Public fund embezzlement and backdoor deals are another form of corruption experienced in China. There is nepotism in provision of employment opportunities and patronage. Backdoor deals and falsification of statistics as proof of transactions are another source of corruption. This report aims at exploring the root of the corruption rot in china. It further dwells into examining the measures the government and the Chinese public is taking to curb the vice. The challenges faced in the process of controlling corruption and successes realized so far are also explored at length. Impact of such a huge degree of corruption on the economy and politics of China too are scrutinized in details (Kwong, 43). In order to understand the current situation of corruption in China, a start with the history of the Chinese corruption is in order. Corruption situation in the People’s Republic of China bloomed after 1949. The Cadre corruption in post 1949 emanates from the organizational involution of the ruling party of the time. It is a historic cause that implicates the Chinese Communist Party, and the Mao era. The Chinese Communist Party formulated and implemented policies that gave way for corrupt practices. Its institutions, norms and protocols failed to acclimate to a changing post-Mao era. Every state that returns to normalcy after a regime of tyranny and terror suffers high probabilities of immense corruption. The administration that takes over from the dictators has a chief role to play in curbing the possibility of corrupt dealings booming past control. Some other socialist economies that underwent tremendous transitions and experienced unpredictable levels of corruption include post-Soviet Eastern Europe and central Asia. Post-Mao China experienced a similar challenge and corruption became the chief challenge to China’s social and economic development (Kwong, 76). The seed of corruption implanted decades ago has grown into a nightmare for China’s development. Economic freedom has fueled the vice. Corruption has had a great impact on the Chinese politics as politics has a huge impact on corruption. The height of corruption in the country undermines the legitimacy of Chinese Communist Party. A feeling of dissatisfaction by the citizens has led to several public unrests. The most notable of the public unrests is the Tiananmen protest movement of 1989. Citizens are increasingly growing impatient of the economic inequalities caused by the rotten institutions. The public becomes irritated by the levels at which corruption has led to undermining the environment. These factors fuel social unrest and lead to political instability. The political situation of the People’s Republic of China is shaky due to a discontented population. Popular perception of the Chinese people is that there are more corrupt and dishonest Chinese Communist Party (CPP) officials than honest ones. This is in direct contrast to how the CCP officials were held in high regard in the early 1980s. Chinese elite hold a strong opinion that it is corruption, not quest for democracy that led to the 1989 unrest. Politics of China is to blame for the deep-rooted corruption. The traditional China viewed the leaders who subscribed to the Confucian concept of leadership as the politically correct. Legalists (leadership that valued government of the law) were enemies of the people. Government of the people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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