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Although, the fight against corruption is crucial for the elimination of the vice, some administrations have used the war on corruption as a political weapon to silence their political nemesis. It is necessary to explore some of the intrigues surrounding corruption in China. …
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What are the main causes of corruption in China
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Download file to see previous pages It is necessary to explore some of the intrigues surrounding corruption in China.
Just like many countries, China experiences widespread corruption. A report by Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index ranked China in the 80th position out of 176 countries. Some of the corruption means in China include enticement, backdoor deals, graft, misappropriation, benefaction, statistical distortion and nepotism. This paper will explore some of the issues related with corruption in China. The four major cause of corruption in China include the negative effects of the market economy, lack of strong monitoring commission against corruption in the communist country, lack of legal knowledge and morality about corruption and frequent political struggles. These factors have combined to ensure that corruptions exacerbates in China Negative effect of market economy In the last few decades, China has carried out economic reforms that have seen its economy grow remarkably. However, the economic model that has enabled China this level of economic success has some negative effects on the flip side. The speed by which China is accumulating wealth is far below its economic growth. Even though most developed countries like Japan, the United States and Europe were drastically affected by the financial crisis of 2008, China was able to maintain a growth in its Gross Domestic Product. Nonetheless, the wealth of China does not accumulate at the same rate with its GDP. This is attributed to China’s market economy as its development model. A case in point is where China has enhanced its real estate industry through the development and construction apartment blocks, high-rise office buildings and huge shopping malls. These large scale constructions occur as a result of the destruction of old buildings. Although, this market economy has the effect of creating more employment opportunities, it also reduces the speed at which the country can create wealth. This situation encourages people to enter into corruption dealings so as to bridge the gap. The high speed economic growth of China has always neglected the quality of the product. Although GDP is used for the measurement of the rate of economic growth of a country, this does not have direct reflections on the growth of the product (Yan 59). Lack of strong monitoring commission against corruption in China It is possible for the Communist Party of China to mobilize both financial and human resources to help fight the problem of corruption in the country. However, there are several setbacks towards this endeavor. It is believed that the government has numerous involvements in corrupt activities in the Communist republic. Interestingly, it is the government agents who are responsible for the formulation and implementation of institutional frameworks for addressing corruption. Therefore, they would not want to strengthen the very institutions that they know would later fight their activities. China does not have laws to protect whistle blowers. Instead, they are attacked and even threatened with death if not killed. A case in point was in the year 2004 when the communist party officials later denounced a whistle blower, who had previously accused his seniors in the city of Fuzhou of tolerating formal corruption. His supposed mistake was breaking party rules. In that same year, a cadre of low level written to the People’s Daily how his efforts at fighting corruption was being hampered by corrupt senior officials and weak departments that lacked institutional capacities to handle corruption cases (Manion 42). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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