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What strategies can policy makers employ to promote successful policy implementation Policies, policy makers and connection with history - Essay Example

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A policy is a guideline or a rule against which policy makers make policies in order to achieve an outcome that is good for social welfare (Gowing & Arnold, 1974) Policy implementation is the part of policy process between establishment and evaluating the policy and seeing its impact on people…
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What strategies can policy makers employ to promote successful policy implementation Policies, policy makers and connection with history
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Download file to see previous pages This process actually involves the translation of the objectives of the policy into the system. It has three basic elements which include creating responsibility or an agency who would handle this new responsibility. Secondly, there needs to be operational rules and guidelines for the policy program and personnel and resources need to be coordinated so that the intent of the policy is achieved. Thesis statement Policy implementation is the next step after adoption of a policy and they make or break the policy. There will be no effect on society if the policy is never implemented; however this is a complex procedure that has many facets and ingredients for success. Policy implementation Policies also have certain intended and unintended effects. Intended effects are those that aim to seek out a positive benefit from a policy and this could also be one of the ways that policies actually avoid the negative effects. That is why there is a standard and policy makers will always compare their policy against the standard to see whether it is above or below the par. An example could include the policy the State of California implemented which led to the increase in use of hybrid cars. The Federal Law provided tax cuts worth $1500 as well as special lanes to hybrid vehicles which led to an increase in the use of hybrid cars and this led to a positive effect or an intended effect. The government created an effect by taking an action which was the policy even though the option of ‘high-occupancy vehicle lanes’ is not available for new hybrid vehicles. (Suleiman, 1984) Negative side effects that are not intended are called ‘unintended’ and they are usually because policy making systems are usually complex. They may set the tax rate so high or so low that this deters money from the economy. Therefore the policy implementation fine combs the policy actions so that these unintended effects are taken care of; however it is impossible to remove the entire negative effects while implementation. (Yates, 1977) Policy making as aforementioned is the part where the government actually carries out and executes a particular policy that is adopted when it is required by the law or otherwise. The different agencies that are responsible for the respective policy areas come together and are given the formal responsibility for implementing the policy and this is usually the stage when the bill is no longer a bill but becomes a law. Once the government has made a public policy such as a rule, law, edict, statute or any regulation, the policy must be executed and monitored, administered and then it should be forced upon society so that it brings about the change that policy makers desire it to. The agency that is responsible for implementation is given the desired resources and the power to allow the new policy to be implemented smoothly, however this is usually not the case. But why is public policy implemented in the first place? Public policies are implemented so that there is some change in the population so that a certain public problem is resolved or at least ameliorated at the very least. The problem will continue to exist until the policy is carried out and once the policy is implemented, it will be evaluated to see if the results that were desired are being obtained and further revision and implantation can take place. Agencies of administration will carry out most of the work of the government and so they have an impact on the citizens of the county and are involved in policy implementa ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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