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Article Critique: Increasing the Supply of Secondary Teachers in Sub-Saharan Africa - Essay Example

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Running Head: Education An Article Critique of Increasing the Supply of Secondary Teachers in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Stakeholder Assessment of Policy Options in Six Countries Name Name of Professor Introduction The role of teachers is critical to the process of knowledge transfer in schools…
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Article Critique: Increasing the Supply of Secondary Teachers in Sub-Saharan Africa
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"Article Critique: Increasing the Supply of Secondary Teachers in Sub-Saharan Africa"

Download file to see previous pages According to the study of DeJaeghere and colleagues (2006), among the limitations are the short supply of qualified teachers and the lack of support and funding for pre-service and in-service trainings for potential and employed teachers respectively, which at present hamper the production of adequate numbers of competent secondary school teachers in Sub-Saharan Africa. Teacher recruitment, retaining, and retraining are the most crucial factors in secondary education identified by DeJaeghere and colleagues (2006). The World Bank (2006), OECD (2002), Lewin and Cailloids (2001), and other international organizations and researchers have emphasized the problem, causes, and implications of teacher recruitment, retaining, and retraining in secondary education in developing nations. As revealed in the study’s findings (1) high teachers’ attrition rate is mainly caused by unfavorable teaching requirements and conditions, lack of support and supervision from head teachers, and low salary, and (2) impediments in teacher preparation processes are lack of funding, support, and assistance from education officers and the government, thereby limiting the supply of qualified teachers for secondary education. ...
These policy alternatives are expected to attract qualified secondary school teachers and motivate those who are currently employed to stay in their vocations. Background All the six Sub-Saharan African countries, namely, (1) Ghana, (2) Ethiopia, (3) Tanzania, (4) Guinea, (5) Madagascar, and (6) Uganda experience short supply of qualified secondary school teachers. Evidently, these countries have failed to provide satisfactory pre-service training for teachers to satisfy present demand. These countries do not have sufficient numbers of secondary school teachers as shown in the pupil:teacher ratio which is 20:1 (DeJaeghere et al., 2006, 516). These countries have been unsuccessful in substantially increasing the supply of their secondary school teachers because of insufficient resources and lack of support from education officers and the government. The problem of teacher shortage appears to be more severe in far-flung rural districts. These six countries are also in short supply of teachers in mathematics, science, and technology. Hence the report recommended obliging teachers to undergo training in other subject areas (DeJaeghere et al., 2006, 519). Some of the causes of high teacher attrition rates, as identified in the article, are impediments in teacher preparation processes and illness. Other factors suggested are inadequate helpful supervision, absence of opportunities for professional development, unethical treatment and handling of teachers, unfavorable working conditions, subjective employment of teachers, and low salary (Mulkeen, Chapman, DeJaeghere & Leu, 2007). Teachers reveal that, even though better compensations would promote improved performance, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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