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The establishment of the colonial town of Old/New Ebenezer in Georgia during the 18th century, it's decline and eventual death - Research Paper Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date The establishment of Old and New Ebenezer Town Ebenezer town is a non-existent town in Georgia United States along the riverbanks of Ebenezer Creek. It found its way to the US listing as the Ebenezer Town site and the Jerusalem Lutheran Church in the year 1974…
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The establishment of the colonial town of Old/New Ebenezer in Georgia during the 18th century, its decline and eventual death
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Extract of sample "The establishment of the colonial town of Old/New Ebenezer in Georgia during the 18th century, it's decline and eventual death"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the spiritual leader of the town, Pastor Boltizius Martin Johann strived to build a religious haven for the town, which led top the economic growth of the town. In this regard, the completion of the building of the Lutheran church was in 1769. However, the British invasion severely damaged what the town had accomplished that led to the not so full recovery of the town. On the contrary, Ebenezer town served as Georgia’s capital for a short time despite the fact that it had never fully overcome the adverse effects of the British invasion of 1778. With this in mind, this essay will be to delve in the establishment of both the old and new Ebenezer town during the eighteenth century. It will also illustrate the effects of economics and the politics surrounding the town’s establishment. Further, the essay will dwell on the town’s decline and eventual death using traveler’s accounts. They will include notes from James Oglethorpe’s journal and other relevant primary sources. In addition, it will give the reasons for migration and settlement of people in the old and new Ebenezer town. The rise of Old Ebenezer Johann Boltizius led the establishment of the city on the Hill2 commonly referred to as Ebenezer where he felt like he had the spirit of excellence in him. He attempted to make a society piest through his pastoral skills from Halle in Prussia. Pietism was a Lutheran movement that inspired spiritual leaders within the Lutheran3 church to start the Methodist and the Brethren movement. It encompassed vigorous Christian living and individual piety. On the other hand, John had the responsibility of ensuring that the Ebenezer attained economic and religious goals. Remarkably, he coupled as tremendous administrator and a clergyman through the effective balancing of his spiritual duties and those of his European patrons. Ideally, he was able to sustain Ebenezer survival by balancing the congregational needs of the Americans in Ebenezer with the needs of his colonial authorities in England and in Georgia. Part of the laws of the Georgian community under the British rule was that no Roman Catholic was to settle in the Georgian territory. Additionally, the colonialists banned rum4 consumption and presence within the colony, as a disciplinary measure. Moreover, women could not inherit land meaning that landownership was a manly affair. The rulers of the time had a vision for the newly acquired colony through the refugees to form a branch of the religious model in the pietist ministry. In this regard, Ebenezer became a German enclave through the reproduction of economically independent aspects and socio-religious self-governed territory. The Salzburger arrived in modern day Effingham County in 1734 where King George II and the Georgian trustees welcomed their settlement within Georgia province. The Protestants arrived in Georgia because of the Roman Catholic dismissal of their protestant religious attributes. Their main desire was to attain religious freedom, which they found in Ebenezer town. However, Ebenezer was a different city from other towns because of its adaptable ability to ape other institutional structures. Moreover, the town was not ideal for human settlement because of its swampy nature hence limiting comfortable survival of populations. The Salzburger 5blended well with the occupants of Ebenezer since they worked hard and had the same religious ideals like those of the British trustees and colonialists. Additionally, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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