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History and Political Science - Essay Example

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President Roosevelt used to urge his people to fight for four freedoms which he stated as freedom of speech, worship, want and the freedom from fear. However, his mode of leadership went against his principles thereby leading to contradictions…
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History and Political Science
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"History and Political Science"

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Lenin beliefs on socialism stemmed from the idea that a democracy led by a hint of dictatorship, and held in support by the class of working citizens would help overthrow the government in power at the time, leading to a change of power from the rich to the poor. In this statement, he tries to emphasize that by choosing the working class as the bearers of power for the poor, so that proper governance would take place.

Karl Marx believed that the poor and the rich were in a constant struggle for dominance thereby leading to strikes that were meant to fight for justice in areas of wages and proper working environments. He believed that the transition from capitalism to socialism happens as a result of changes in human history and it was inevitable. This was different from Lenin’s views dictating that certain working class of people should hold power so as to pave way for the lower class to gain a piece of the national cake. Question 3 Hitler believed that the Aryan race was much superior to all other races and thus he strongly opposed the Jews who were a minority race with no human rights to him and thus did not belong to the human race.This made him contemplate creating a Roman Empire in the 20th century as it had been before which was contrary to what his counterpart believed in the freedom of the Jews.In the late nineteenth century, there were no major historical events that were taking place as was the case seen in the Great Depression. The term of service for the Presidents was very short as it consisted of only one year. Their responsibilities were very minimal at the time and consisted of small duties to the Congress and thus acted only as custodians of the State. Question 5 President Hoover did his part in curbing the effects of the Great Depression though his efforts were futile at the time. He took up the role of administrator rather than president of the people and even donated his salary to charity. He set up a program to assist the unemployed and added value expenditure to the public. He even increased aid for states in the form of monetary help from the federal government. Question 6 President Kennedy supported the fight against racial discrimination and the right to civil justice for all and it was for that reason that he supported the freedom riders by signing the freedom marshals and mediating for the release of the wife of Martin Luther King’s wife. The latter had been arrested due to the ongoing racial segregation in departmental stores. He then made the famous civil rights address in support of the demonstrations that arose when an African American was denied public admission to school. Question 7 The terms of disagreement between the Soviets and Americans lay in the fact that Truman presidency claimed a breach of contract by Stalin on the Yalta promises. It was declared that the Soviet leader was on a mission of expansion in part of Europe and was contemplating to spread communism to most countries. Question 8 Richard Nixon as a supporter of foreign policy made some moves that were aimed at fostering good relations with the Soviet Union and the China republic. He was responsible for escalating the war in Vietnam by enacting bombs in Cambodia but later retreated which temporarily resulted in peace but a return of war without his involvement. He met with the Soviet ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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