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The Reasons for the Civil War in China Between the KMT and CCP (1945-49) and why the CCP Won - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date The Civil War in China between the KMT and CPC The crumple of the Chinese monarchy during the early twentieth century led to the rise of warlords domineering China with the KMT party seeking to unify China with the aid of foreign powers…
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The Reasons for the Civil War in China Between the KMT and CCP (1945-49) and why the CCP Won
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"The Reasons for the Civil War in China Between the KMT and CCP (1945-49) and why the CCP Won"

Download file to see previous pages Although the Communists got permission to be part of the KMT in small numbers, Chiang started a purge of communists since he abhorred the Soviet interfering in Chinese political affairs. This eventually led to the Chinese civil war (Eastman 11). Following the collapse of the Qing Dynasty in 1911, which was the final ruling Chinese dynasty, China fell into the control of a number of significant, as well as lesser warlords within the era of the Warlords. Therefore in order to trounce these warlords, who succeeded in seizing control of the greater part of Northern China, it was necessary for the anti-monarchist, together with the national unificationist Kuomintang party, along with Sun Yat-sen, who was its leader, to seek the assistance of foreign powers. The efforts of Sun Yat-sen in obtaining assistance from the Western democracies bore no fruits these led to him seeking help from the Soviet Union in 1921. In favour of political convenience, the Soviet leadership instigated a dual policy for supporting for both Sun, as well as the newly founded Communist Party of China that subsequently instituted the People's Republic of China. This resulted in the struggle for power within China between the KMT, along with the CPC (Eastman 25). ...
in the reorganization, in addition to the consolidation of, the KMT alongside the Communist Party of Soviet Union, leading to the CPC uniting the KMT, thereby developing into the First United Front. This is the same year that saw Sun Yat-sen sending Chiang Kai-shek, who happened to be one of his lieutenants to Moscow for some months' military, as well as political study. By 1924, Chiang got promoted to head Whampoa Military Academy, then later rising to fame as Sun's successor, thereby heading the KMT. The Soviets offered the majority of the studying items, organization, in addition to the equipment comprising, of munitions for the academy. Apart from that, the Soviets also offered education in various methods for mass mobilization. This assisted Sun Yat-sen in raising a number of devoted troops, with the intention of defeating the warlords militarily. On the other hand, CPC members also got the opportunity of joining the academy with the majority of them becoming instructors. However, the communist members got the opportunity of uniting the KMT on the basis of an individual. At that time, the CPC was still exceedingly small, having only 300 members in 1922, and in 19925, only 1,500 members while the KMT had 50,000 members in 1923 (Eastman 54). The split of KMT and CPC In the beginning of 1927, there was rivalry between KMT and CPC leading to a split within the revolutionary positions. The CPC, along with left wing of KMTmade a decision of moving the KMT government’s seat to Wuhan from Guangzhou, where the influence of communist was strong. However, Chiang, together with Li Zongren, whose armies conquered warlord Sun Chuanfang, progressed eastward towards Jiangxi. As a result of the leftists rebuffing Chiang's demand, Chiang condemned the leftists for going against ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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