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Factors that contributed to the creation of the power-sharing regime of the KMT and the CCP in twentieth century China - Essay Example

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The development of political systems worldwide is related to a series of factors. Normally, the economic and social conditions of a country are set the criteria on which the country’s political framework has to be based…
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Factors that contributed to the creation of the power-sharing regime of the KMT and the CCP in twentieth century China
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Extract of sample "Factors that contributed to the creation of the power-sharing regime of the KMT and the CCP in twentieth century China"

Download file to see previous pages The development of political systems worldwide is related to a series of factors. Normally, the economic and social conditions of a country are set the criteria on which the country’s political framework has to be based At this point, it has been proved that the level of influence of the above conditions on local politics can be differentiated; China is such case. Due to its strong culture and traditions – which have managed to keep their power despite the pressures from Western ethics – the country managed to remain autonomous in the international community; this target was mostly achieved through the establishment of a political system which emphasizes on the independency of the country, not just in terms of culture but also of the production (industrial and agriculture). It seems that the power-sharing regime of KMT and the CCP parties has contributed to the above result. The factors that led to the development of the above regime are examined in this paper. Emphasis is given on the political conflicts and agreements that characterize the specific regime and the initiatives developed each time for the political stabilization of the country. 2. Factors that contributed to the creation of the power-sharing regime of the KMT and the CCP in twentieth century China. The fall of communism in Eastern Europe had left the impression that all countries with similar political systems were likely to follow the same route; however, there was an exception; reference is made to China, a country the political framework of which is based on the principles of communism ...
In the context of the imperial power, the emperor had the power to govern with no limitations or restrictions, keeping his power to delegate certain tasks to ‘other individuals and organizations’ (Zheng, 2010, p.62). Also, it was under the influence of the imperial power that China’s political system had accepted the views of Rousseau on political governance – and not that of Locke (Zheng 2010, p.62). In other words, the power-sharing regime, which currently characterizes the political system of China, can be considered as differentiated from the country’s traditional political thought. However, this difference is not as high as expected, a view, which can be developed after examining the political practices of CCP and KMT parties – which participate in the political group that currently governs China. More specifically, a closer review of the political decisions and initiatives of China’s Party can lead to the assumption that the power-sharing regime has two different dimensions: at a first level, the CCP is able ‘to decentralize its powers to other actors according to its needs’ (Zheng 2010, p.62); however, CCP can also ‘recentralize its powers with no notice, if this is necessary’ (Zheng, 2010, p.62), a fact that proves the limited borders of the power-sharing regime in China. The reasons that led CCP to accept a power-regime framework with non-communist parties are analytically explained in the study of Zheng (1997); in accordance with the above study, the first of these reasons was relate with the political power of KMT. The followers of the party were many. The leaders of CCP understood that even many of the supporters of Chiang Kai-Shek decided to follow him in Taiwan, still many ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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