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1905 Revolution in Russia - Essay Example

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This is a research paper about the 1905 Revolution that was witnessed in Russia. The research paper will start with a brief overview of the revolution by stating when the revolution began and events that preceded and followed it. …
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1905 Revolution in Russia
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Download file to see previous pages The research paper will also discuss why the Russian revolution was unsuccessful. Any changes witnessed due to the revolution will also be discussed in the paper. Introduction The Revolution of 1905 in Russia began on Sunday, January 9. This was after military guards massacred more than one thousand children, women, and men outside the Winter Place of the Tsar. On that Sunday, which came to1 be regarded as the bloody Sunday, 150, 000 workers on strike together with their families marched through St. Petersburg. The reaction to the massacre spread across the industrial centers, which experienced spontaneous strikes of workers (Ascher 2004, p. 68). Moreover, the massacre marked the beginning of armed preparations of workers. Peasants in the countryside extended their views through numerous evictions of landlords. It took more than one year for the Revolution to end and save the reactionary Tsar regime. This was despite the massive support the regime got from reactionaries and capitalists. Prior to the 1905 Revolution, Russia had witnessed a significant strike in 1902 and 1903. However, this was not the key factor that triggered the 1905 uprising. The main factor that triggered the Revolution was the Japanese and Russian War in 1904. During this war, Russian troops felt humiliated since the Japanese troops defeated them. As a result, the workers and the capitalist class perceived that the Tsar regime in Russia could easily be defeated. These high hopes of defeating the military triggered the onset of the Revolution. In addition, the War with Japan burdened the peasants and workers; this increased opposition to the Tsar regime. The Revolution can be regarded as an uprising of the Russian people who wanted change in their government (Ascher 2004, p. 70). Timeline of the Events du2ring the Russian Revolution of 1905 A timeline of the events during the Russian Revolution shows the occurrences witnessed during the Revolution. From January 3-8, 120, 000 striking workers marched through St. Petersburg as the government warned them against the protests. On the bloody Sunday of January 9, 150, 0000 striking workers together with their families marched in St. Petersburg. Their main aim was to deliver a protest to the Tsar, but the Russian army shot them down (Ascher 2004, p. 71). The reaction to this massacre spread to the neighboring regions; industries experienced numerous strikes of workers. On February, the strike spread to the Causasus; Grand-Duke Sergei Alexandrovich was assassinated in the height of the protests. During the same month, Nicholas II ordered the creation of an assembly to report on the reforms of the constitution. The following month, the unrest and the strikes reached the Urals and Siberia. On April 2, the second National Congress of Zemstovs demanded a constitutional assembly; this saw the formation of the Unions of Unions. The government got embarrassed on May due to the sinking of the Baltic Fleet, which had spent seven months sailing round to Japan. On June, the government used soldiers to counter strikers in Lodz, and on June 18, Odessa was halted following a massive strike. From June 14-24, there occurred a mutiny of Sailors on Battleship Potemkin. The first conference of the Peasants union was held in Moscow on August; the same month, Nizhnii held the first Congress, which comprised of the Muslim Union (Ascher 2004, p. 72). On August 6, Tsar issued a 3manifesto that detailed the creation of a state Duma; however, this plan faced massive rejection from the revolutionaries on grounds of its weak structure. The treaty of Portsmouth on August ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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