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In this essay, the effects of arrival of the European people on the life and social and cultural aspects of the Caddo and the Creek Indians tribal communities in the two centuries is discussed. The Caddo and the Creek Indians lived between 1500 and 1783 in American soil…
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The Colonial southeast
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Download file to see previous pages From this research it is clear that the Caddo’s inhibited in the southwest of the Arkansas and the surrounding areas of Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma from 1000 A.D to 1800 A.D. when they were visited and approached by the French and Spanish explorers; they were branched into three segments. The kadohadacho, right on the great bend of the red river, the Natchitoches in west Louisiana, and lastly the Hasinai in east Texas. The Caddo were native villagers and farmers, and their culture had a class system as part of their social structure. They lived in grass houses that were around fifteen feet tall and almost twenty to fifty feet in width or diameter. The houses of the tribe members were conical or doomed in shape that was framed with poles, and covered with a patch of grass thatch. On the territorial perspective, the Caddo’s inhibited isolated farms, small villages, and some larger villages. The economy of the Caddo’s was mainly inclined on the production of agriculture, maize, beans, watermelons, tobacco, pumpkins, and squash. Maize was the premier food material that was consumed by the communities of the Caddo’s. The Caddo’s were also very efficient in fishing, they practiced a traditional mode of fishing using trotlines, which symbolizes a fishing line loaded with baited hooks across streams. Caddo’s mainly inherited their maternal traits than the paternal ones. In the Caddo community, the Xinesi inherited a position of spiritual leadership, the Caddi, the inherited position of principal headman of a community. While the Xinesi were in charge of the communication with the supreme god and meditation, the caddi, were responsible for religious leadership, influencing decision making between villages, and to lead important rites, like the rights for harvesting and naming. Inspite of being in the medieval period, the Caddo’s maintained their community in a well organized government system. The Caddo’s been also involved in the trading of guns, fur and horses to Europeans and other Indian, by developing a trade and economic network (Texas history). Unlike the Caddo’s, the creeks were primarily called Muskogee’s. They are a powerful nation of Indians inhibiting the middle parts of Georgia, alongside the river mobile. The name creek Indians came from the fact that creeks and rivulets abounded in their country. The soil in the region is extremely fruitful, and the climate is also environment friendly. The creeks are cultivator of the soil; spirituous liquors are prohibited from entering the town of the creeks. By nature, creeks are faithful as friends, but also incorrigible as enemies, to strangers they provide the warmest welcome, and are thoroughly honest and fair in their dealings. The women of their tribe are significantly short in height, their hand and feet are no larger than those of nine or ten year old European girls. The body is well formed, the features are regular and beautiful, and the eyes are large, black, and languishing. Unlike the women of the tribe, the men in general are larger in size than the European. On the marital perspective, the mode of marrying is unique and traditional. The bridegroom takes a cane and fixes the same upright in the ground, and then the bride lays down another cane by the side of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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