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History and Political Science - Essay Example

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This essay discusses the era of reconstruction started in the 19th Century when the US went under major industrial transformation, which was mainly due to the maturity of the industrial economy in Europe. This had triggered the growth and development in transatlantic areas…
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History and Political Science
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"History and Political Science"

Download file to see previous pages The industrial revolution which started in Europe was a major trigger for over expansion of economies as several pieces of engineering were developed which are main propellers for the industrial revolution and booming economies. England was the source of the industrial revolution which was started in 1760 and later gained strength till late 19th century where the effects of the industrial revolution can be measured. Savery Engine Steam engine looms and furnaces were the developments which occurred during the industrial revolution. James Watt and Sir Joseph Whitworth were the inventors whose inventions propelled the growth (Crafts, 1985). The industrial revolution further gained strength and momentum with the development of industries and technological innovations which acted as a fuel for growth. The increase in American corporation was witnessed which resulted in the concentration of wealth of the nation into fewer hands leading to disparity among the people. Mechanization was also introduced in the farming process as well, which lead to the production of quality agricultural products, making the United States a pioneer in food production and export. Due to this growth, migration to the United States picked up momentum. This further developed issues as more and more labor were available to help in the production process (Crafts, 1985). Nevertheless, industrialization also lead to some serious third party protests due to the shift of power and changes in policies. The process of industrialization encouraged development and strengthening of political institutions in the economy and as result, the democratic system gained strength. The policies designed by the people underpinned the economic growth. Similarly, Russia was also developing itself; however, the growth witnessed was very slow as compared to other European Countries and the United States. The major obstacle which slowed down the process was the population of Russia. Russia’s major source of industrialization was the coal and steel production which had quadrupled in the 19th Century. As a result, Russia was able to develop infrastructure and other facilities across the country. However, Debt issues also rose at the same time due to which, Russia was unable to trade with the United States and obtain the benefits of trade (Blackwell, 1968). Europeans rule over colonies of Africa and South Asia Asia has always been of immense interest for the colonials of Europe. The main attraction towards Asia was the existence of rich mineral deposits and agricultural produce. Europeans had been able to develop businesses in these colonies where primary produce was sent back to Europe which was then converted to finished goods. This process of colonization had also become successful because of the technological backing which the Europeans enjoyed due to industrial revolution and innovations in technology and equipment. East India Company, slowly and gradually, strengthened its’ roots in the Asian colonies by starting businesses and developing economic relations with the rulers at that time. Due to the economic and industrial capability of Europeans, they outclassed Asians and gained control over them. They had a powerful army and could deploy their troops anytime they wanted along with heavy artillery. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(History and Political Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 13)
History and Political Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 13.
“History and Political Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 13”, n.d.
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