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Political broadside detailing your objections to new Constitution - Assignment Example

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Some of the constitutions had a provision for a method of amendment to be made, while other constitutions did not. Ratification convention…
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Political broadside detailing your objections to new Constitution
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Extract of sample "Political broadside detailing your objections to new Constitution"

History and Political Science History and Political Science Throughout the revolution of drafting of constitutions in the United States, Americans have always adapted new and different constitutions. Some of the constitutions had a provision for a method of amendment to be made, while other constitutions did not. Ratification convention in the state, which is one of the ways that was established by Article V of the constitution of the United States for ratifying constitutional amendments that have been proposed, will be used to make the amendments valid by confirming them. The ratification option has not been used in the United States since the ratification process of the 21st century, which took place in the year 1933. A state should be allowed to ratify a proposed federal constitutional amendment. The process of ratification may be very complex when it comes to being practiced all over the country, but in a state scenario, the ratification convention method is a bit less complex in comparison.
The new constitution was suggested when the war was over, and the United states was said to be one of the sovereign states that has in place a weak central government. The new constitution proposes a bicameral legislature. This is a legislative branch that comprises of two chambers. Here, each state would represented depending on the number of inhabitants that exist in their state. This meant that large states would have more representatives than small states. The constitution also stated that the members of the legislature would be elected by the citizens, and the executive selected by the legislative branch. The terms of office in the constitution were not specified (Kelly, 2005).
Ratification of the constitution would give only one political party the authority to suppress the rights of the minority. This would not be fair to the minority groups in several states that have a greater population of minorities than other states. The constitution would also allow the larger states to rule over the smaller states in situations of democratic responsiveness not only at the state level, but also at the national level. According to the new constitution, the number of representatives in the legislature is dependent on the inhabitants. Larger states would, therefore, have more representation in the legislature as compared to the smaller states. The constitution is, therefore, set up in a particular way whereby, the larger states get to dominate. This brings about the strong need for an amendment of such a proposed constitution.
Every state needs to have equal representation in the legislature. In a constitution that is proposed to the citizens of the nation, all the states deserve a fair chance and no state should dominate the other as this is against the basic civil rights that were fought for in the past by the great leaders. Therefore, ratification convention should be carried out in the state in order to amend some of these proposed laws and ensure that the small states also get equal representation in the legislature. Tyranny shall not take place in the legislature due to a new constitution yet all citizens have their civil rights.
Kelly, M. R. (2005). The Olmsted case: Privateers, property, and politics in Pennylvania, 1778- 1810. Selinsgrove Pa.: Susquehanna University Press. Read More
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(Political Broadside Detailing Your Objections to New Constitution Assignment)
Political Broadside Detailing Your Objections to New Constitution Assignment.
“Political Broadside Detailing Your Objections to New Constitution Assignment”, n.d.
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