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Democratization and Egyptian Revolution - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Democratization and Egyptian Revolution Arguing from opinion of President George W. Bush, revolution in Egypt and similar development in Arab world is not a surprise. For a very long period, the Arab world has been under tyrannical leadership, which promoted the interest of a few individuals at the expense of human freedom of the many (Rutherford 82)…
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Democratization and Egyptian Revolution
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Download file to see previous pages Democratization refers to a process, which promotes or upholds democracy in the society. Historians believe that quest for civil freedom played a great role in institutionalizing democratic societies (Brown 45). The power of the people defines the system that is suitable at each instant in any democratic society. Civil rights movements usually advocates for governmental systems, which would promote the greater interest of the common person. A focus into the Arab nations would create a different picture in ones mind because it seems as if the government of the day does not respect the basic freedom of the people. It is probable that failed governments are likely to face an internal revolt. Bodies advocating for rights of humanity play a vital role in influencing the thinking of the people. For example, Muslim Brotherhood has played a protracted role in influencing the beliefs of many Muslims in Egypt (The Future of Egypt’s Democracy). There presence and influence has a stake in the current situation of Egypt. In order to understand the role of Muslim Brotherhood, it is important to explore the root of Muslim Brotherhood. Hassan al-Banna formed Muslim Brotherhood in 1928 (The Muslim Brotherhood). ...
However, the movement has endured the test of time to remain viable for very many decades. Muslim Brotherhood met its first rejection by the Egyptian government after the Israel-Arab war. Muslim Brother has participated actively in political activities in Egypt. For instance, in 2005 the movement was able to clinch 88 of seats in the parliament through its “illegal” members (The Muslim Brotherhood). It became apparent that Muslim Brotherhood was a party that had influence on the lives of the Egyptians. The activities of Muslim Brothers in the last six months include active involvement political system of the country and sensitizing people to take an active role in uprising. The move by Muslim Brotherhood to take an active role in Egypt uprising aimed at changing autocratic system of governance that characterized Egypt system of governance. Arguable, political freedom occurs when the public have a stake in forming and participating in political deliberation that influence social life of the people. It is not surprising, that despite calls by human right activists in Egypt and the world, the previous regime did not acknowledge respect to human rights. History records atrocities and execution of activists that fought for democracy. The Egyptian society has embraced the teaching and objectives of Muslim Brotherhood, which have influenced the lives of Muslims across the Arab world. Currently, Muslim Brotherhood has issued threats to other Arab nations about the revolt that is eminent when democracy does not find an opportunity in the society (Brown 49). Muslim Brotherhood has a lot of influence to the politics in Palestine. Largely, the movement believes that it would influence the termination of peace treaty between Israel and Egypt if the Israelites do ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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